Return from a two year hiatus

So apparently I have to make another newcomer post after resetting my progress from level 17 back to level 1 after 2 years away. Hi! Wish me luck on my way back up to level 17 and let’s hope all the bugs have been worked out.

Welcome back!

Wish you all the best on your new WK journey, you can do it this time! I know it! :smiley:

Welcome back!
And perhaps you could gather all your motivation, and keep it in your mind at all times when you do WaniKani.
I did a reset end of last year, and it has been a very good decision for my studies; I’m totally encouraging you!

Thanks, I’m definitely going to do my best this time.

Thank, I appreciate it. What level were you on when you reset?

Hi and welcome back!! I recently reset my level from 22 to 2, so I feel your pain (or new hope).
Let’s do our best this time!

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I’m rooting for you! I reset a few months ago after an ~8 month break (I was level 12, previously)… my health got in the way for a while haha. The second time through is even better, in my opinion! Good luck!

I was 13.
I decided to reset because I couldn’t remember the kanji of the level I already completed. Not all, of course, but a lot. Between 60 and 90% of each level.
Resetting allowed by to re-learn everything and it seems to stay this time.

Man, welcome back!

I resetted myself from Lvl 19 to Lvl 10 after my 3 year hiatus and you know what? Things are running smoothly again. I hit 0 reviews today after a few weeks of work.

Let’s keep on going this time and hit MAX LVL!


Hopefully I can breeze through the levels. I still remember a lot from last round and from what I learned in college.

I only just did my first review today but it’s definitely starting off good. I just have to make time for it over the next year. We can definitely do this.

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