I made it to level 60, but I decided to reset today and do it over again

So yeah, I reached level 60 after 444 days, just over a month ago. It’s been a fun time learning Japanese; wanikani is what I started out with, but I eventually branched out to other stuff as well(textbook, penpal, etc.). However, I do I think that wanikani has been instrumental in my Japanese studies, and it if weren’t for wanikani, I probably wouldn’t have been able to test out of three semesters of Japanese at the college I’m currently attending.

After I got to level 60, though, I decided to restart. The reason being that I kinda got lazy towards the end. I became really busy with school and work, and started to look up answers when I couldn’t remember stuff on reviews. Now, I never skipped through lessons or anything to that extent, but I did feel like I wasn’t internalizing stuff as well as I was at the start.

I want to go through everything for a second time, and do it the intended way. Maybe it will take me longer, maybe it won’t. Maybe It’ll end up the same way that it did last time, I guess I’ll just have to see.



Congrats and best of luck to you with round 2!


As somebody who has reset from 60 to 1 myself, the Stockholm Syndrome is real :sweat_smile:


Its definitely not the same, but I made a reset at level 3 just to start fresh before going for the paid sub, and something I added was practicing each of the stroke order in every kanji I learned, helped me a ton too!


I mean, you could just use the self-study quiz and the item inspector scripts to review the last 20 levels or so. Doing it all over seems a bit of an overkill, but if you think it’s a fun way to spend your sparetime, sure why not.

personally, I’m just going for immersion now. What I didn’t learn well enough the first time, I probably need better contextualization of and to see used in writing and conversation.


I used to use an Android app called KanjiSenpai that’s like a stripped-down version of WaniKani. (I also reset it to 0 on three different occasions over the years I tried to learn.) But, your post reminded me that one of the great features it has is drawing each character (even hiragana and katakana) and getting the stroke order right. I think I might go back and run through it once I’ve made significant progress on WaniKani.


i like wanikani a lot, so i also reset from 60 to start the lower levels fresh with newfound knowledge, but i’ve personally had a hard time overwriting old learned kanji with new updated knowledge. Still worth it.


It does kinda seem like overkill, but one reason I didn’t mention is that I also want to try to learn how to write a lot of the kanji in wanikani similar to @Gltcrimzon. I didn’t make an attempt to do it before, but I have a kanji practice notebook and I’ve been wanting to put it to use. I get what you mean though, and I have been putting a lot more focus on immersion recently.


The Imposter Syndrome is also real.

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I’m still debating what to do when i finally finish…reset and reclimb the mountain again? or just move on to Bunpro and immersion and more reading…this site has just become such a habit…a daily practice…will be hard to let go…


Learning how to write these kanji by hand is also on my to-do list. Using WK as a guide might be a good idea indeed. it’s just very good at portioning out what to focus on at a given minute. I wish you luck with your studies and that you’ll get back to lv 60 armed with even deeper knowledge about kanji. :slight_smile:


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