I'm back after three years what should I do?

I’m at level 25 it seams. I don’t remember how to reset or revert levels. When I figure that out what do you guys suggest I go back to? Or should I just start over? I remember all the hiragana/katakana. Just wondering what tools there are for my situation.

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You can reset to any level you’ve done previously. I would look through and see where you feel you remember most of the content and reset back to there.
I’m back after almost a year and reset from 10 to 1. It’s in the danger zone settings.


Ahh, danger zone settings - the only place I didn’t look. Thank you!

I just reset back to 1. now I remember how long I had to wait to get Kanji and instantly regret it, LOL. Oh well. This time I’m going to actually use the Language when I get back to level 20…


Joining a thread filled with nice people climbing the ladder with you is a nice motivator to not drop wk in the long terme.
There is this thread going on, if you’re interested: WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2023, All Aboard!

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