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I started learning WK seriously at the beginning of 2019 but not being very good at learning languages it took 18 months for me to get to level 12. I still have vocab from Level 1 that I haven’t burned (the vocab is the hardest for me) but then in May I got overwhelmed and put vacation mode on. I had the best of intentions to study the old stuff but of course I didn’t. Now I want to get into it again but I’m looking at the kanji and they are just so unfamiliar to me. I don’t even know what some of the ones I burnt mean! So here’s my question: Should I go into the Danger Zone and reset? And, if so, to what level? Should I go back to level 1??


@Joeni san , @Aikibujin san, @tetraflu0ride san might be able to help you.

Glad to have you back with us @MangaMagic san :raised_hands:t2:


I reset to lvl 1 a few months ago after losing track due to moving and starting a new job. I forgot to set it on vacation mode, so I had thousands of reviews, but found myself in the same boat, not remembering burned items, etc.

I’m doing much better this time through, though it is still difficult (and now that I’ve caught back up to where I reset from, it’s getting harder). This time though, I’m better at not doing too many lessons (right now I only have 30ish apprentice items, and 60ish lessons waiting, but it’s been a super busy couple of weeks at work, so having fewer reviews is a lifesaver right now - normally I will do lessons until I’m around 75-100 apprentice.)


Looking at the kanji only I recognise abou 80% but can’t remember how to speak them. When I look at the answer it’s obvious (mostly) so not sure if that means I can just do some solid reviews to refresh my memory. I’m glad I at least remember what the kanji mean. I know the vocab wouldn’t be anywhere near 80% tho…may 30%

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I’m guessing KyokaJiro summoned me as I have reset three times now (I think)…

I would say yes, definitely reset. The fact that it took you 18 months to get to level 12 says to me that just smashing through them wouldn’t be a good option for you.

Based on what you’ve said so far I would recommend resetting to level 1.

That said the time constraints in your life may affect this. If you have a lot more free time now than you will in a month or so, I would reset to level 3. Otherwise you will have to slog through the first levels waiting for them to slowly unlock. Where as if you have more free time now, you can figure out which ones you know and don’t know by doing your reviews and looking up any that you need to.

Otherwise, start at level 1. This will give you the chance to properly absorb everything and solidify those early levels so you can keep on building on them as you go, rather than being hounded by them as they keep popping up and you miss them.

Cheers! ^ _ ^


I think you just have to solve all reviews.
Separate reviews in to small chunks if you have so many.
Just do review for a week or two until 0. Then keep doing review when you’re reaching above 80% correct then you can do lessons.
Ofc You wont remember most of items you review but doesn’t matter. Reviewing is learning. Getting wrong answer pushes the item to appear quicker.
I dont advise reset to 0, just time consuming. Maybe back to 5 levels at most.
Most important is be consistent in your reviewing/ learning.

Source: me who resetted 3 times or so, occasional procrastinator.


I have reset, and I would say no don’t do it. Just work through your reviews methodically; the ones you get wrong will be seen more frequently until you learn them and everything will sort itself out. Just don’t do any new lessons until your apprentice items are back to a comfortable level.

Good on you for getting back on this horse/馬!


Welcome back!

L1L10び八L1L10き (ななころびやおき)

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I think you’re still early enough on to not need to reset if you manage your reviews gradually.

Try and do 10% of them a day or as many as you can manage. If you get them wrong you get them wrong.


I’ve reset twice now since joining WK in 2013. Once from 13 to level 8, and after that from 13 to level 5. I’ve never gone all the way down to level 1, and I don’t think that’s necessary especially since you’ve only been on WK for 18 months.

The way that I picked which levels to reset down to was by using the reorder script.
First tick the “sort levels” box and reorder your reviews in ascending order from level 1 to level 12.
Then start doing reviews first clearing out all of level 1, then all of level 2, and so on until you get to a level where most of the vocabulary and kanji seem unfamiliar. Then I would reset to the level before that. I hope it works for you!

It’s great that you’re not giving up and that you’re willing to get back on the horse! I know I’m just an internet stranger, but I’m proud of you!


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