I'm back after 6 years!

Hello there WaniKani community!

I have returned after a 6 year hiatus on learning here. Since leaving I have gone to university, finished undrgrad, flunked out of a master’s degree twice and been diagnosed schizophrenic after 2 episodes of psychosis. I basically gave up on learning Japanese during this time, par joining the Japanese and anime clubs while in undergrado.

Last time I reached level 9, hopefully this time I make it to 60 and finally be able to read the light novels I’m forced to wait for translations of.

I tried to catch up with reviews but I had forgotten almost all of the level 3 content so I decided to reset right to level 1 so I don’t miss anything important.

Hope to see you around in my journey to mastery of kanji!


Welcome back and good luck to you.

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Welcome back :crabigator:

I just came back today after a couple year hiatus and reset. Wishing you well on your return (and hoping I keep it up too!)


Welcome back, you can do this!! :star_struck:

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Welcome back!! I recently reset back to level 1 this past August after 6 years of picking up and dropping Japanese on and off.

It’s a tough road ahead but you can do it!! Hope to see you at 60!

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Welcome back!!! You got this!!!