Coming back after 6 years?

I am coming back to wanikani after a 6 year hiatus of learning Japanese.

Is there a way I can reset my account? Or what would you guys recommend for catching back up everything?

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still early level, you can reset and quickly get to lvl 10 again.


The two main options are to either reset your account level, or use a reorder script to do your most recent reviews first and slowly chip away at the pile. Resetting your level can be done in the danger zone section of your account settings.


You can reset your account in the “danger zone” menu on your account settings. Resetting to a lower level can help especially if it has been awhile.

I’m in a bit of a similar situation to you. Just got back to WaniKani after a similar length of time away, and am still just trying to relearn things I have forgotten during that time.

I just came back after over 1.5 years away, on 01/01/2023 as my new year resolution. Reset from lv21. Depends on how are you feeling, for me rather than just chipping away at the review piles, I just reset everything. Since I forgot many of the burnt items too, since I didn’t do any Japanese since then.

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