I started over after reaching level 60!

I’m back! I originally started in June 2017 and reached level 60 in June 2019, and took a break from kanji for 4 years. Well apparently right on schedule I finally decided to brush up on some kanji here in June of 2023.

I realized back then that I had gotten too obsessed with the goal of reaching 60, rather than actually trying to LEARN everything. I spent the next 2 years studying elsewhere, and then life happened and I finally took the past 2 years off.

But I’m excited to be back, and after restarting I’ve been blowing through the early levels, very pleased with all I remember, but also looking forward to getting to all of the different kanji and vocab readings that I know I’ve forgotten, because they’re all the ones I get stumped on when reading manga :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’ve never been much of a community guy, but it’s good to be back :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! I just started Wanikani for the first time a few weeks ago and I’m about to hit level 4 later today :slight_smile:
It’s really cool to see someone starting over again, to be simultaniously at the same point that I am but also in a completely different chapter on their journey.
So I would love to read more about your progress as you go along!


Welcome back! :partying_face:

Out of curiosity, do still remember other aspects of Japanese after the longer break?

I doubt that he took a break from learning japanese, but rather from wanikani and studying kanjis. just a guess tho :slight_smile:
there are so many resources and things to learn!

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After 4 years every day nonstop, I pretty much did stop studying for the past 2 years :grimacing: A big mistake, but it is what it is.

Oh yea, I’ve retained a ton of it, which is really encouraging

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