Finally caught up after 3 year hiatus!

I started WaniKani over 5 years ago but this is my first post. Took a bit of a break between leaving Japan in 2020 and now, and got up to over 1k reviews before I remembered I could put it in vacation mode. Anyway, I’m proud to say after resuming my studies a few months ago I’m fully caught up with lessons and reviews and just reached Level 41!


welcome back, 3 years away from japanese studies is fine,

not me like I took a 10 years hiatus, I regret a little but I have been 2 years into Wk now and it has been a blast. I

wont quit studying japanese anytime soon :grin:


Congratulations on bringing down that hefty load of reviews!

I thought my 500-something reviews after a 1-year hiatus was bad…now I’m feeling like i got off easy lol.

Welcome back, and good luck on your studies from here on out :slight_smile:

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