iKnow sorted by WK level

I sorted iKnow’s Core 6000 into lists that coincide with WK levels. Like WK, in each course you will only find vocabulary using kanji from that level or previous levels.

Each individual course is sorted from top to bottom as 0 to 6000. That means the more common words are at the top, advanced words found in the later 6000 courses will be at the bottom. I imagine some people might prefer to study from top to bottom and stop once they get to less common words.

You can click on the vocab word in the course page to view another page that will say it’s level (ie Beginner, Upper Intermediate, etc). Personally I find it better to do 40-60% of a levels vocab and then move onto next level, and then come back to finish the second half when you’re ready for the less common words, or you’re waiting to level up in WaniKani.

Also included are three courses for kanji-less vocab. (is there a term for that?)

I used a script to sort these. I only caught a few errors resulting from internet issues, but given the volume I was only able to check a few courses. If you notice any errors please let me know. As you can see in the numbers below, there are 85 missing items. I suspect they are kanji not found in WK.

I think your progress on items should carry over to these courses? My progress did, but perhaps someone else can check if that’s true for everyone else.

See my one year+ progress update and general Japanese advice.

Some numbers:
iKnow Total vocab: 6000

Total vocab in these courses: 5915

Kanji-less vocab: 929

Kanji vocab in these courses: 4986

iKnow Core 1-2000 No Kanji: iKnow Core 1-2000 No Kanji - iKnow!
iKnow Core 2000-3000 No Kanji: iKnow Core 2000-3000 No Kanji - iKnow!
iKnow Core 3000-6000 No Kanji: iKnow Core 3000-6000 No Kanji - iKnow!

iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 1 - 60:

1: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 1 - iKnow!
2: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 2 - iKnow!
3: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 3 - iKnow!
4: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 4 - iKnow!
5: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 5 - iKnow!
6: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 6 - iKnow!
7: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 7 - iKnow!
8: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 8 - iKnow!
9: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 9 - iKnow!
10: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 10 - iKnow!

11: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 11 - iKnow!
12: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 12 - iKnow!
13: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 13 - iKnow!
14: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 14 - iKnow!
15: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 15 - iKnow!
16: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 16 - iKnow!
17: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 17 - iKnow!
18: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 18 - iKnow!
19: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 19 - iKnow!
20: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 20 - iKnow!

21: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 21 - iKnow!
22: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 22 - iKnow!
23: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 23 - iKnow!
24: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 24 - iKnow!
25: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 25 - iKnow!
26: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 26 - iKnow!
27: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 27 - iKnow!
28: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 28 - iKnow!
29: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 29 - iKnow!
30: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 30 - iKnow!

31: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 31 - iKnow!
32: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 32 - iKnow!
33: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 33 - iKnow!
34: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 34 - iKnow!
35: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 35 - iKnow!
36: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 36 - iKnow!
37: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 37 - iKnow!
38: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 38 - iKnow!
39: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 39 - iKnow!
40: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 40 - iKnow!

41: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 41 - iKnow!
42: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 42 - iKnow!
43: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 43 - iKnow!
44: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 44 - iKnow!
45: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 45 - iKnow!
46: iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 Level 46 - iKnow!
47: https://iknow.jp/courses/823354
48: https://iknow.jp/courses/823355
49: https://iknow.jp/courses/823356
50: https://iknow.jp/courses/823357

51: https://iknow.jp/courses/823358
52: https://iknow.jp/courses/823359
53: https://iknow.jp/courses/823360
54: https://iknow.jp/courses/823361
55: https://iknow.jp/courses/823362
56: https://iknow.jp/courses/823363
57: https://iknow.jp/courses/823364
58: https://iknow.jp/courses/823365
59: https://iknow.jp/courses/823366
60: https://iknow.jp/courses/823367

( @keisuke1989 I noticed you were looking for this )


This is great! Thanks a lot.

I’ve been holding on continuing past Core 2000 on iKnow until I hit level 30. Those vocab with kanji I haven’t learned yet take a while to retain. I might give your shared courses a try until then.

Going through each course and checking vocab that I know is super annoying, because the checkboxes are so small. If you add this in your browser’s console when you’re on the course page, you can click wherever on the row to check that box.

$(document).on('click', '.item', function(e){

*When you’re viewing the course page by clicking on it from the list of courses you’re studying.

Just to make sure. In order to use this on iKnow, one needs to sign up for the paid service and use the lists?

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Does anyone know of iKnow sets that go beyond core 6K?

iKnow.jp is the original source of these Core 2k/6k/etc going around for free on the internet. But yes, they’re a paid service. They used to be free and very popular when called Smart.fm. They have vocabulary and sentence pattern/structure SRS for Japanese, Chinese, and English languages. As well as custom decks made by users that use their really nice system, just like @nasatitan on this thread.

I made the following thread long ago about iKnow.jp:

It has information and screenshots of the service.

At least not officially made by the iKnow.jp team. I’m sure there are custom decks available uploaded by users, though.


Thanks for the info! I’ll try the 5 sessions soon, but I already know that until they have their next deal for Lifetime, I won’t be using the service, unfortunately.

i just started a wk-order iknow set series, looks like this one.

did anyone do this and can tell me if it’s worth switching over?

Are you interested in the order itself or in just SRSing some vocab?

i’m interested in reinforcing the kanji i learn here on WK, and this collection of sets uses the excellent iknow engine to accomplish that.
there’s an anki deck around that works similarly, but i’m not an anki fan.

Hine did make a Anki deck, ordered by WK, but I suspect it’s a little old and some things might have changed.

I’d recommend you to check Kitsun out. It’s a couples months’ product (still in beta - free until December/January), but me, Hine and others are highly active into helping the creator turn it into what Anki, Memrise, etc never end up becoming. The screenshots are not really up to date, but there’s a community center section where you can easily access decks from creators. The experience is very much WK high quality like. There’s a Core 10k there (made by Hine). It’s not ordered by WK, but I did 30% of it already and I’d say that the only kanji I’ve seen so far are kanji that WK doesn’t teach. Everything else is pretty much below level 25.

There’s still some stuff to improve, but I’d suggest you to definitely give it a try.

yeah i know about the site, but it’s going to be commercial. i do have a one year sub at iknow, got it when i found out they have a c6k set sorted by wk order, and it’s quality just can’t be beaten.
the way the reviews work keep you awake, too. sometimes they ask you for the reading, sometimes they ask you to listen, sometimes it’s just plain clicking - very well done.
the fact that they’re the original makers of the core sets is just the cherry on top.

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Hine’s deck does all that. I’m helping him improve some content in terms of meanings (because if they have this exact info on iKnow, they have a loooot to improve then).

But anyway, just a suggestion. If you have iKnow for free, then go ahead :slight_smile:


oh it’s not free, i paid a bit under 1万 for it (one year sub), but it’s worth it.

thing is, i used it when i just started out and it was known as smart.fm, and they made it a pretty polished product. and if i’m to pay anyway… then i just do iknow, since i already subbed :slight_smile:
the app is very nice, too.

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This is incredibly useful, thank you so much! After hitting more and more unknown kanji in my iKnow lessons I grew increasingly discouraged from using it, and these sorted courses are really the perfect solution.

Thankyouthankyouu! :pray:

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yeah, as great as iknow is, without level sorting, it’s just a tough nut. or rather say, tougher than it needs to be.
the sorted decks are pretty much a step up in usability and really connect it with the lessons here.

How do you sort by WaniKani level? I’ve just been using the default ordering.

i’m using this series. scroll all the way down on the wk main page, then click on “shared courses”, then search for “wanikani”. there’s 2 series there. one says “WaniKani Vocab (number)”, one says “iKnow-WaniKani Core 6000 (number)”. i’m using the latter one.
i don’t know if they differ or how they’re different. mine ticks items off the main (normal core6k deck, so it’s linked i assume, which is a GoodThing™

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Thanks. I only made it to around 2300 in the default decks. It was really nice for a while, but I got tired of it recently. I’m technically subscribed through January 2020, but I’m still not sure continuing is an effective use of my time. Even with the WaniKani ordering being available, I’m leaning towards doing a more targeted vocab approach by learning words from books I’m reading.

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you’re 53, your vocab should already be nice, and your kanji knowledge enables you to read a lot.
i’m 21, decent vocabulary, but lackluster kanji skills make reading a chore. i’m not using iknow mainly for vocab, i’m doing it to reinforce the kanji i learned on wk, and iknow complements it very well.
at around lvl 40 (next summer), i’ll probably switch to normal reading, too.

iknow also helps with listing comprehension (and pronunciation, if you shadow their sentences - you can listen to them as often as you want), and solidifies grammar, if you’re not so advanced yet.

tldr: the further along you are, the less another srs will give you. best bang for the buck till lvl 40 though.