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Just wondering if any has considered making (or wants to make) a little companion app which uses the wanikani data to improve listening recognition.

I’ve been testing this with iKnow’s “Rapid Choice” and the custom iKnow wanikani lessons from @nasatitan, and it’s been a really helpful aid for memorization and for listening recognition.

Here’s how the iKnow Rapid Choice game works. You listen to a Japanese word and have 3 seconds to choose the English meaning (multiple choice of 2). In 4-5 minutes, I can easily get through 100 words, so it doesn’t add significant study burden, but it does add quite a bit of value.

Later, the words more easily pop into my head and “sound right” when I’m doing wanikani reviews. I also notice the words more during Japanese conversation. So, it seems to be working (or I’m happily delusional).

A companion app like this for wanikani could make this easier. Wanikani has audio for all vocab, so the data is already there.

Vocab could be added automatically after it’s wanikani lesson, and the listening queue could be similar to the SRS levels (backing off with increased familiarity).

Missed items could be given extra attention to help avoid leeches, or other clever optimizations…

Not a great solution, but you can use the self study script to do reviews with only audio

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Using iKnow is pretty good for now… just dreaming of a better solution that everyone could use for free :slight_smile:

Just did a few listening rounds. 100 words takes 4-5 minutes. Totally worth it, since I’m already learning the words in wanikani.

Here’s a screen shot of the iKnow version of this… I usually listen to the words instead of reading them…

I added a few more details to this idea over on github as a tsurukami feature request… (probably asking for the moon, but why not?)

I’m not really a fan of multi-choice quizzes personally, they make me lazy :sweat_smile: Especially when the choices are so different that there’s an obvious answer…(like in your screenshot)

Did you try the self-study quiz @Kumirei mentioned above? There’s no time limit, and you have to type – but it can go pretty quickly depending on your typing speed. I only started using it yesterday, but it’s working nicely for extra study on desktop at least…

I’ve got it set up for leech training, extra study of apprentice kanji (because I suck at Apprentice 1 and 2 items), and audio quizzing.

I chimed in on the Tsurukame pull request yesterday, because I was about to open a new issue for leech training. If they decided to include something like the self-study script, it could cover both use cases!

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Yeah - it’s better when more similar words are used for choices. I haven’t tried the self-study quiz, but I’m loving the iKnow Rapid Choice game. 100 reviews in 4-5 minutes is all I have time for :slight_smile:

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