Reading suggestions for level 3-

I’m a level 3 and was wondering if anyone has any links to reading material(free).


How much grammar do you know?

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There’s a whole section on free resources in this thread:

But please do be aware, as seanblue intimates, that your grammar knowledge will be much more important in reading than your WaniKani level. It will be very difficult to read much of anything if you haven’t got much grammar!


I’m not sure exactly. I can conjugate verbs, understand Hoga ii, desu,masu, and am pretty comfortable with basic Japanese.

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If you pick something with furigana for all kanji, your WaniKani level is less important. Your grammar knowledge and vocab knowledge will be much more important.


Try :
Japanese news for kids. And there is a translate option to check yourself

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Perhaps that one is not that easy. Surely it’s intended for kids, but those kids have been speaking the language for at least 5 years (assuming this is the time they first learn how to read). Even when I try with furigana, there are a ton of new vocabulary in each article. And I’d sometimes like to think know a little bit more than level 3 by now.

I think more suitable for OP would be some grade reader, for example Japanese Graded Readers for iOS and Android by White Rabbit Press. I know for sure they have some free sample on their application that can be study for a good while.

Here I am thinking of recommending ehon navi children’s picture books and yuki comes in with the NHK easy. :joy:

Tnx Guys/Galz for your links and feedback.
The more resources the more peeps can choice what is suitable for them.

If you are just beginning Level 0 of Tadoku is great to learn. It has been named earlier but it don’t hurt to give the link again. And it’s free :slight_smile:

An other one is:

Scroll to the lessons and there are short stories with translation to check yourself.



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