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I’m a complete beginner on Waikani, and I’m loving the Waikani system. However, I recently visited japan(before I used Waikani) and learned tons of vocab talking to people every night. Since I’m back home now I was hoping you nice people can you suggest me sites with texts that use simple kanji something I can read and practice my vocab and pronunciations please .

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The only website that I know of that has pretty easy reading is NHK easy news NEWS WEB EASY
I have heard of people reading the pages and reviews but I don’t think that will be the most beginner friendly. If you are willing to put in the effort it would be a great way to get a feel for everyday written japanese.
I’m know there some other sites out there that will make things easier, most give furigana, but I can’t remember there names since I haven’t looked at them in a long time.

Other than that there are several graded readers that you can find online. The japan shop has some for sale and there are a few books on amazon.

Satori Reader has some free texts of varying difficulties available, and it allows you to toggle furigana and so on. You can even filter kanji by your WK level!

One thing that’s really nice is that hovering over parts of the text will give you translations and definitions which have been manually created, rather than just automatically generated, so you get much more nuanced information.

The articles are all also recorded, so you can get in some bonus listening and shadowing.

The last time I used it, the built-in SRS was terrible, but it may have improved.

I haven’t checked it out since the beta, but Satori Reader was nice, if you’re willing to pay for more subscriptions. It gets heat for not being great for intermediate/upper level, but for low level, I thought it was good.
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