I now understand why I've read that lvl 5 is more difficult

Up to this point, I’ve been going at full speed and doing all lessons when they become available with the lesson. I just got to lvl 5 and then I get 123 lessons at once. I went through them all, but they did not stick very well at first. I previously read that lvl 5 seems more difficult than the past levels and all that vocab with the different readings shows me why so far. I know I can make it through it though! Hope everyone else is doing well with their levels and learning!


It’s possibly also because all your level 1 stuff is finally coming back to become Enlightened, which adds to the workload.


I’ve started grouping my lessons once they pop up; doing just the radicals then taking a small break before coming back to the Kanji then another break before the Vocab. That way it breaks it all up and I’m not trying to ‘learn’ everything all at once.

I also write the new stuff down in a book to try and reinforce the lesson.


Congrats on getting to level 5! Now that you’ve reached a higher level of difficultly, be sure to pace yourself going forward. A good rule of thumb is either to set a limit for your Apprentice items (since those affect workload the most) or to limit the number of lessons done per day. I try to keep my Apprentice items to around 100. Good luck with your studies!


Try doing 10-20 lessons, then 4 hours later when the review comes up see how you did. If you ace them, do 10-20 more lessons. If you didn’t do well, hold off until they are well learned. Repeat.

The 4 hour cycle can push stuff in aggressively without overwhelming you all at once with so much information. I could never do all my lessons at once.

By in large you should focus on accuracy ahead of speed. Lack of retention will cause you to take longer to reach 60 than slowing the rate of lessons. With lack of retention, you’ll build a pool of items that will slowly take the majority of your time to plow through - it became a pretty big problem for me around level 40.


Just got through level 5 myself, and I must agree it was quite a sudden spike in vocab (look at the beginner talking, I wonder what double digits are like :sweat_smile:), but you can get through it! I don’t have much else to say apart from good luck with your learning!


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