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Hello fellow WaniKani-users,

I am very happy to have progressed to level 5 already in quite a short period of time. I have learned a lot already and I am just wondering about one thing.
Right now, I feel like I have quite a lot in Apprentice and Guru. I often find myself mistaking items ready to be mastered, moving them back to Apprentice. (See image)

Yesterday I progressed to level 5, and 64 new lessons were waiting for me. I felt a bit overrun as I feel that I should first focus on getting the items to guru+ first before committing to new items.

Do you do all your new available lessons immediately or do you wait until you’ve cleared more in Apprentice (and or Guru) to move on?

Thanks a lot for the coming replies.

If you read around on the forums, you’ll see a lot of discussion on this! The most common tip is, do a set number of lessons per day, and keep apprentice below 100 or so items. It will help keep your workload stable, and prevent getting overwhelmed.


Thank you. Alright well I’ll close this issue then, I will look around. I couldn’t find anything in my quick search.

No people love talking about this! I’d keep it open and see what pops up.

There will probably be somebody along to link My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK :open_book: ) for some more strategy and information!


I will read it most definitely! Thanks a lot Saida. I’ve been starting all the new lessons asap to get them in the review rotation, but I really like your suggestion to aim to have 100 in apprentice at maximum. I’ll try that for the next couple of weeks.

That Guide is quite long but it’s full of information that will help you figure out how WK works much better :slight_smile: The guide is the 2nd post of that thread (so feel free to skip the main post). For you, I’d recommend reading chapters from 1-8, since they’re most focused on beginner advice.

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I’ve stuck to doing about 10 lessons a day unless there’s radicals available to do then I’ll add those on to the 10 I would already do since later on, you get like ~5 radicals a level and they almost become like mini review for older kanji so it’s not really mentally taxing.

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