I messed up big time boys!

just do two batches around 100 each, one hour later do the rest

that’s what I do when I hit over 200 reviews

I read somewhere that you also need to change a class name in dev tools for the image so that lovely 999999999 would come hand in hand with the image :crazy_face:

Yeah I don’t want to give people the wrong idea about the work load. It depends on how what you want to get out of reviews. I use the slowest method possible. I say every item out-loud before submitting, then wait for the audio auto-play before moving to the next item. In KameSame I massively slow my reviews by exclusively using handwriting input (after first speaking the item to avoid reliance on reading it in order to recall it).
My WaniKani reviews are actually fairly close to your pace, but in KameSame my speed drops down to ~18 seconds per item. It does wonders for accuracy, recognizing spoken vocabulary elsewhere, and getting a loose grasp of Tokyo pitch accent. But if you don’t have an abundance of free time, skipping all that can make things much faster.


What do you mean with handwriting input?

:see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: eeeeeeeek I worry when it gets to 50 haha

I write the Kanji (and kana) with drawing tablet, then select a character recognition candidate to confirm.


ah, that seems complicated. We do have a tablet for that, but I never used it (it’s for my partner).
Wish there was something so I could do it on my phone, just draw and select :slight_smile:

So this thread has just devolved into a one-up challenge of who has the most reviews :sweat_smile:

It’s actually just a feature of the basic Windows IME from Microsoft. If you want to use something like this on your phone you can! I have a comment about it in another thread.

ah, i work on Linux, so I would have to check this.

As a member of that crowd, I can concur. :wink:

I do around an hour a day and that’s about all I can afford so I only do WK.

That’s how I do it. If I don’t get a review item within a few seconds, I mark it wrong and move on.

However, I do spend a few minutes going over the items I missed on the summary screen. This helps prepare for the next reviews for those items.

In Tsurukame, the audio plays as the next item comes up. Really helps to save time. Not skipping the audio is something I would agree is important. It really helps to reinforce the item to hear it out loud.


Your brain must have been cooked afterwards.

it was a weird day

Is that part of the service? That’s neat to look at & track progress and I’d like to do the same

I practise handwriting with Kamesame as well, only I do it by hand on pieces of paper. It doesn’t take up very much time; once I’ve seen a certain kanji a few times it’s easy to write later. So that’s an alternate option to digital input.

It’s a userscript called WaniKani Ultimate Timeline.

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