How should I get back into this.. 🤔

Decided to put vacation mode on for a few weeks after realizing I was slipping a little anyways and I didn’t want to ruin my interest in Japanese. Thinking of starting back up pretty soon because my passion has been reignited, but I know when I turn vacation mode off I have a wall of ~350 reviews and I’m trying to figure out how to tackle it, any ideas?

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350 reviews is not that big a pile. Others have recovered from thousands of accumulated reviews. If you can bear to do all the reviews in one go then just do it. I know someone who does 400 reviews a day on a routine basis so this is feasible. If you can’t bear all the reviews in one go then do review sessions of a size that you can bear and have the pile diminish over time. With a pile this small that won’t take long.

Edit: I forgot to say, stop doing lessons until the review pile is down to zero. You don’t want to grow that pile before you are done with it.


Agreed, 350 is nothing. I usually can keep my reviews down to zero, but once in a while I miss a couple days and get slammed with over 400. You can blast through them in a day or two.

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Wow ! and here I am sweating over 100 reviews. I have done 200 reviews at one go and frankly it gets to you. Some simple tips i follow when burdened with a large number of reviews.

  1. Whenever you have a large number of reviews to be done always make sure you do it on a physical keyboard. . Also use a large screen to make it easier.
    2.Take a break in between the review but make sure you click that wrap up button before you end to maximize the reviews.

350 is not too bad. If your stamina is not up for doing them all in one go (mine is not), then set some smaller limits: Do 60 or 100 at a time. 100 reviews when you first get up, 100 at lunch, the rest in the evening: they’ll be done in no time. I also second the suggestion above to forget about lessons until the reviews are down to a more manageable number for you.


Now now, people, 350 may not seem like a lot to some of you but we don’t all go at the same pace!

Use the wrap-up button to do your reviews in batches of 10. It’s the little clock icon on the bottom left of the review screen. Click it and your review session will wrap up after 10 more items.

Do 10, then another 10, until you need a break or until your accuracy gets really bad. Or sneak them in during the day, 10 while waiting for your coffee to brew, 10 while eating lunch, 10 on your phone…

You only have 24 apprentice items so I’m guessing you’re used to 30-50 reviews per day? As long as you do more than that every day, you should catch up in a week or so at worst.


I’m just returning after a few months, and came back to 1156 reviews.

Play it by how you feel comfortable. Go until you can’t stand being wrong one more time, or smaller chunks. Depending on how your memory is, 350 could fly by. Or just taking 50 a day.

As long as you’re chipping away and making progress to get everything back into rotation, that’s what matters. I also agree with @prouleau hold off on lessons, it can get confusing to mix them in with reviews.

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My apprentice count is usually around 100 when I stay on track I just had stopped doing lessons for a little bit :grin: Thank you for the wrap up tip I think that can be pretty useful for people who can’t handle longer sessions.

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