Overwhelmed after taking break

I made the big mistake of taking a break and now I’m overwhelmed by a 67 review session. Is there a way to make it easier for me because i have forgotten some of the kanji and radicals?


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Considering you’re still on level 1, you won’t lose much if you just reset the level and start over. From the Dashboard, click your profile image, and select Settings > Danger Zone > Reset Your Account


Ok I don’t wanna scare you but 67 isn’t a lot. When I take a couple of days off my reviews hit around 300…


Since you are Level 1, just go through the lessons again. You can look at the individual levels to refresh yourself. Then take a few minutes to do all the reviews to catch yourself up and get back on track.


My own view is that this has nothing to do with others. It is about you and your rate and your personal learning. Go as slow or as fast as you want. And I will say that back in Sept when I was starting, 100 reviews felt huge, now 60 or so I can blow through in about 10 or so minutes. And if you get them wrong, oh well. You will eventually get them all right. :slight_smile:


The best way to make it easier - is not to worry about mistakes. Look at it as a chance to review and reinforce it one more time.

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Do the items, see how much you did remember, and congratulate yourself on those! For the ones you get wrong, take some time to reread the information. Also, use the wrapup button to do only ten or 20 at a time, if you feel like 67 is too much to do at once.

But since you posted 5 hours ago, maybe you already reset and this post is pointless. In any case: がんばって! And good luck!

As someone else said you can start over. 67 is not a lot of reviews. When it gets high and is overwhelming then break it out. Instead dof reviewing them all at once then do 20-50 at a time or spend 10-30 minutes at a time. The best way to keep your review numbers down is to slowly work on your lessons instead of doing them all at once. Best of luck.

Keep moving forward and set a limit every day. “Today I’ll do 30!” or “Today I’ll get my whole review count down to zero over the course of the day!” and then make it happen. You’re only level 1, so you should be reviewing all those kanji and making sure to get them down pat. They are your foundation.

You should know, it’s normal to have 200 reviews every day, often many more. Prepare yourself mentally for the road ahead.


I’d just sit down and get through them. It won’t be that bad, and it’ll prepare you for things getting more challenging down the road.

While true, I think it will seem overwhelming for someone just starting out. They’re not used to the system yet. 80 seemed like a lot when I first started, now I do roughly 150/day.

Or over a thousand, if you forgot to turn on vacation mode…

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