I'm chipping away at 300+ reviews

After a small slump I was shocked to see 300+ reviews waiting for me. I guess I expected it to be a lot less. I reviewed it down to 200 atm. Are there any tips or trics on how to handle this the most efficiently?


Depends on you. Usually people will say to do them a bit at a time. I recently started doing this and it helps a lot. If you break it down into managble chunks (eg. 15/20 at a time) not only do i find myself more motivated to click the review button, but also if you do lets say 40 an hour, it’ll help space the SRS system out more. If you do all 200+ at once, chances are you’ll get more giant chunks of reviews at a time farther down the line.

Hope this helps!


Thank you that helps a lot. I was trying to get them down as fast as possible but splitting the pile up in smaller chunks sounds more manageable. If it prevents getting them all back at once at a later time then I’m definitely going that road. I’m glad my slump didn’t get any longer then it is now.


Your reviews still might pile up sometimes here and there, (I just got 200+ reviews in <8 hours) but as long as you dont get discouraged and have a good strategy for how to deal with it, they become a piece of cake


You can do it!

This is also why it’s good to always do your reviews, but to slow down your lessons if you feel overwhelmed. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I did slow down my lessons in the past level and tried to put a lot of the lessons down when I got the reviews stable. With life happening these weeks it all came to a standstill so I now feel a little overwhelmed with the reviews.

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If you’re still at it, it sometimes helps if you distract yourself while doing your reviews. Instead of thinking “Oh dear. Reviews. REVIEWS. Must do reviews. Now, how’s this kanji read again? こう was it? Right, now more reviews.”, try thinking about your favorite interpersonal interactions or something. It might make it go a bit slower in reality, but it makes it seem like it’s going faster and you generally accomplish more at once with less boredom. This can sometimes lead to having large review chunks later, though, so be careful.

Also, if you can’t think of any good thought trains at the moment, try putting on some music in the background. I generally put on either instrumental or Japanese so that my brain doesn’t exit Japanese mode mid-review.

Also-also, make sure to hit the clock button and run that down before you take a break. Redoing reviews that you’ve already done isn’t harmful (probably) but it is a pain when you have a lot of reviews. And, try not to give up if you get a bit disinterested within the first 5 or so reviews. It usually gets better after that.


That was happening to me and I got very overwhelmed. Then a person mentioned on here to go back 2 or 3 levels and it is much more mangeable now. I am getting only about 60 reviews or so right now.

Thank you so much. This really helped! It’s nice to know it is not just me all alone but that other people have had this issue as well. I will try dedicating some time with music and going to try to be more relaxed while doing the reviews. I hope they will stick better into my memory.


Somehow my accuracy goes up at least 10% during reviews while im listening to the Shigatsu OST…


I procrastinated about a year and my reviews piled up to over 2000. I reset to three levels before and over a few weeks I managed to work my way through. Luckily most of them have been waiting to be burned and won;t bother me again. I hope you never let it get that far.


I use gamification. Every time I have a huge pile of reviews, I try to challenge myself to get as many right as possible. I do them until I get one wrong. Then I wrap up the session. This helps me to reflect on my mistake and I get eager to try again and beat my streak. Wrapping up also creates a natural break.


Oh that is a great idea! I noticed once I make a mistake it tends to be sooner for the next mistake. A break at that point might help


It’s great that you overcame such a number. I hope I can keep preventing it from happening.

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Getting such a giant backlog of reviews is what made me step away from WaniKani for a 1+ years. I tried doing the small chunk method, but honestly, it was easiest for me to just sit down and knock them all out in one go.

Ultimately doing them all in one sitting is what finally got me back in the saddle.

Everyone is different though!


I had over 500 reviews this morning and I also have over 300 leeches. So the question is, which is better to focus on? I could try and sit and do all my reviews over the course of a few days but if I don’t deal with the leeches tomorrow I’ll be back where I was because I’ll get 40% wrong.

It’s okay to be at lower accuracy for a couple weeks. Hitting a lull with lots of leeches is very normal. Just hold off on lessons and maybe do some extra study of your leeches.


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