Hey! I'm struggling a lot with the sheer amount of reviews

Hey, I’m level 14 (might be 15). I realized that I can’t keep up with doing 100-150 reviews per day. Not so much due to time constraints, mostly due to not being as focused as I’d like to be day in day out. This in turn caused some burn out and I have not kept up for a few days. Now, upon resubscribing, I have around 400-500 reviews waiting for me. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this (temporary) issue and stay on a consistenlty lower workload? I personally thought of resetting to a lower level and starting from there. Thanks.


You can’t stop reviews unless during vacation mode and during that, you cannot do reviews. So, yeah, you’ll have to figure out what to do about the reviews that are in your pile. I don’t consider 400-500 reviews much of a problem, because, just do smaller sessions across a 1 week period and you’ll be done. just don’t do new lessons at the same time.

while resetting is defo an option that gets more reasonable with now long you’ve stopped doing Japanese learning, this issue usually depends on your monetary situation and as such I won’t answer that. Not the least, as you don’t have an active sub right now.

usually, when you have a pile of reviews, there are 2 main options: 1 to either just get through them and treating these items that you fail as a new lesson. This is made much easier these days as there’s a new feature about failed items on WK. With that feature, you can even retake the whole lesson part of the learning process. I think this is underappreciated, but it really makes a difference I think.

But,the 2nd one is to reset. and that’s also reasonable if you haven’t been keeping up for a long time. It’s just a better way to distribute work and expectations - which might help you get through old material.

When choosing the reset option, take time to look through older levels and browse the kanji and try to be honest with how much you have retained. Then make a decision.

You can do it! Be kind to yourself. We all need relearning and just getting on with it!


When you do get that pile of reviews sorted out, the way to keep your workload low is managing your intake of new lessons. 100 - 150 reviews per day are more easily managed if they are spread out across the day in smaller chunks, so that means avoiding doing large batches of lessons close to the same time in a day.

I would recommend the following, assuming a level up which is when you have the most lessons: do at most 10 lessons a day, try to do them in the morning so you get the Apprentice 1 reviews and Apprentice 2 reviews in the same day; when you are learning the level’s kanji, do not do the lessons for the current level vocab (assuming you do ascending level then subject for your lesson order) until you have guru’d all the level’s kanji (or at least the amount required to level up). This shouldn’t result in too many reviews per day. I already do something similar (I do about double the number of lessons of vocab than kanji), and I have had on average 95 reviews per day after 3 months (averages are misleading though, because in October alone I had a sizeable number of days where the number of reviews 110+).


keep your apprentice number below 80 and only do lessons when that number is below that. For me is 100.

For example I can keep with 180 reviews per day, if my apprentice is 93 I can do 5 new lessons and that’s it, I spend one or two days without any lesson.

At this point almost in the finish line I dont want to burn out and also I have immersion outside wanikani to reinforce what I learn here.

You have to balance.


If you have ~500 reviews, I suggest using an extension to order the review by level (e.g. Reorder Omega). With this, you can treat your review like a lesson all over again. If you failed a review, it will appear again as the first one next time. It makes dealing with a lot of reviews much more manageable.

I usually do my reviews in the morning and at night before sleeping, while listening to music.

Why yes, I would recommend checking out the group-thread :durtle_hello: Let’s Durtle the Scenic Route :turtle:! It’s just an informal group (anyone can post; ‘joining’ is just ‘in your head’ :sweat_smile:) where we share thoughts, experiences, ideas, and even techniques for doing exactly what you mentioned: staying on a consistently slower pace for the long term, and to avoid burnout.

Basically, probably the most important thing to do, in order to actually take control of the pace of Reviews is to actually slow down the number of Lessons you do on a daily basis. Indeed, it often makes sense to pause doing any new lessons until you get your pace back down to a comfortable, sustainable level again.

And the second most important thing, in order to make consistent progress, is to build up and maintain a habit of doing at least one review session per day. Even if you only end up doing a single review in that session, at least do that session every day, to the best of your abilities. Eventually, this consistency will allow you to overcome any pile of reviews, no matter how big.

That is definitely an option, and if you’re really feeling burnout, it’s definitely an option to seriously consider. While it may seem daunting, many people have reported feeling a lot of relief after doing a reset to a previous level, followed by slowing down overall pace. Learning the lessons the second time around takes a lot less mental energy than the first time. But it depends on the person, so it’s worth weighing the pros and cons for yourself.

[Edited to add: Oh, and a third thing that you may want to consider is going for a Lifetime subscription, so that you no longer have to worry about trying to maximize your ‘value for money’, if that’s something that you worry about. I knew I would worry about that, so I went for lifetime right away. BTW, there’s usually an annual sale on subscriptions around Christmas time, so, basically coming right up. Might be a good time to splurge on lifetime if you can afford it. IMHO, it pays for itself pretty quickly, especially if you know for sure that you’re going to stick with learning Japanese, and also if you know you’re not going to go for ‘full speed’.]

Good luck!

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