I love WaniKani. Has anyone thought of making an app similar to WaniKani for Korean?

I have studied Japanese for over a decade and feel comfortable using it. I would like to begin learning Korean now, however I do not know good resources. I thought it would be lovely if WaniKani (鰐蟹韓国版)existed. Imagine the first 10-20 levels teach you how to read Hangul and then from levels 20-60 the app taught basic vocabulary and Korean city names! Wouldn’t that be nice!? I find it cute Japanese and Korean share some words like kaban for bag. But I don’t have a clue how to make apps or anything so I do feel a bit frustrated that my day dream will remain just a day dream. Unless- does anyone know if such a service exists? I know about Duolingo but I do not want to use it for Korean and I wasn’t crazy about LingoDeer when I tried it. I really like the clean and colorful design of WaniKani-- it makes me feel warm and cozy inside :kissing_smiling_eyes:


You could probably find/make an Anki deck like that. But you probably know that :sweat_smile: I’m mentioning it just in case tho

I think I’ve seen people replicate the Wanikani look for Anki cards :upside_down_face:

率直に言って、このコンピュータ アプリケーション「アンキ」について何も知りません。

So, it’s a free, customizable SRS application where you can make your own flash cards with lessons/reviews. Or you can download other people’s premade “decks.” Popular ones are decks for the core 1000 (or 2k, 5k, etc) most common words of various languages, for example.

People have also made automated ways of generating Anki cards when you come across new words you want to learn while reading/watching anime/other audiovisual media, so you can SRS them. You can find various guides for setting up these systems on the internet, including on this forum:)

Edit: here’s an example of how Vanilla generates Anki cards from anime (you could probably do something similar for Korean with different dictionaries)

^btw, if you click the post there’s a yt video demonstrating the setup


Kitsun also has a number of Korean decks, though I haven’t used them - I use the Japanese ones for vocab.

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What is Kitsun? I can’t find it on Google.


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