Chinese version of Wanikani?


So lately I’ve begun to have quite a growing interest in learning Chinese. Wanikani has done wonders for me in memorizing kanji so I was wondering if any of you know of a similar app or site that does what Wanikani does but for Chinese (Mandarin)? I know I could create my own Anki decks for Chinese characters but it would take forever and likewise I wouldn’t have the pronunciations on there as well. Honestly, if you have any advice for similar software for Chinese or any learning tools and devices that helped you with Chinese, I would love to hear suggestions!


Good luck!

I’ve been on the lookout for something similar and have not found it. I believe others here have also searched and come up empty-handed. Hopefully someone else has found something new!

That said, I do highly recommend the ChineseSkill app (it’s free too!). I don’t know if it’s available for Android, but I know it’s available for Apple products. It gamifies things kind of similarly to WK. It does cover hanzi, pinyin, grammar, vocab, and speaking/listening. It’s actually a pretty powerful little app! I do think it’s a great resources for someone new to Chinese.

It has a smiling panda wearing a burnt orange scarf as the icon. Developed by wang zhulong.


Thanks so much I suppose I will try that. I really hope Wanikani can expand one day to encompass other Asian languages as well, even though it would take an insane amount of work to put that all together. I suppose nothing really beats being in an actual class to learn a language though. 


How about for Korean too?


Check Chineasy! It is awesome! At least google it my friend, you will find it interesting. Thank me later

jonesgirl4 said... How about for Korean too?
 Never learned Korean, but wouldn't you just need to learn regular vocabulary? In that case just using Anki seems better suited to me.


Korean used kanji, but not anymore, now they have an alphabet, so i don’t think that a site for learning kanji would be useful… I would use anki instead.


There has been some debate in Korea about bringing back classical education and teaching Hanja (Chinese characters) again, but it seems that they primarily rely on Hangul.

I’m currently focusing on attaining mastery of Kanji and using that knowledge base as a platform to jump into Hanzi. As of right now it seems that a book and Anki would be your best bet. You’re probably going to need to build your own SRS resources. It’s what I was going to do until I stumbled upon WaniKani.


The good news is that Chinese use of Hanzi can be much less confusing than Japanese Kanji. Hanzi generally have one reading and if one has two it is often a tone change. So in this way, while there is no “wanikani” method for learning Hanzi, your self-made SRS can be much more effective by only having to focus on one or two readings, and worrying less about reading changes in the context of a word. 祝你好運!

Ryosuke said... There has been some debate in Korea about bringing back classical education and teaching Hanja (Chinese characters) again, but it seems that they primarily rely on Hangul.

 If you read the newspaper or academic texts you might run into some hanja but otherwise you'll never need to know more than a handful of characters to be able to survive in Korea... it's 97% hangeul. And even the characters in the newspaper are mostly characters you'll learn in the first few levels of WaniKani, to be honest. 

Also, the nice thing about hanja is that almost without exception each hanja has only one pronunciation, so none of this nichi/jitsu/hi/bi/ka/etc. business. 


Can’t you find a anki deck that’s already made. How about


I will definitely check out Chineasy and I’ll probably end up making my own SRS for Chinese characters anyways then, seems like the best option as of now. Hopefully I won’t be overwhelmed learning kanji readings and characters at the same time. Thanks everyone