I just love Wanikani!

Wanikani makes me feel like I’m making progress every time I do my reviews. I find myself reading kanji without thinking found in tweets from the different Japanese sites I subscribe to. Total self-efficacy! I also feel a sense of accomplishment every time I do my reviews. I find myself laughing out loud over many of the mnemonics (especially the 久-Jar Jar Binks one). I sent Koichi and the team an e-mail to praise them, and got a loving and personal reply in return.

Wanikani is full of love!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful day. Hugs from rainy Norway.


That’s exactly how I feel! I love how much easier reading has gotten and how everything starts to really come together.
I also love the structured way of learning where I only learn as much new info as I can handle.
I’m studying for exams right now, so it’s great to just focus on reviews and not adding lots of new lessons to my workload. This weekend was the first one since starting WaniKani when I couldn’t do my reviews at least twice a day, but I still only had a manageable amount of not even 200 reviews to do yesterday evening.
WaniKani just never makes me feel bad about my studies and keeps me heavily engaged. :blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart:


I feel the same, by doing reviews I can feel the the continuous progress! :slightly_smiling_face:

What made me begin Wanikani was the colorful design and the praise I could fine online. But there is a lot more to it. The SRS and memotechnics help a lot ; the community is also great and their userscripts are very helpful.

Thanks Wanikani and its members!


I am so glad you made this post! I fully agree, I live in a country where Japanese is a rarity, I have been a member of Wanikani since 2015 Sure there have been times where I got so discouraged just because of how difficult it can be to get anything Japanese related here, but Wanikani has kept me going! every time I get a kanji right I have a feeling of hell Yeah! I can do this, as long as I have Wanikani I won’t give up on my journey to learn Japanese :blush:

feels like I have to say something like “Wanikani for life” ya that felt good :slight_smile:


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