Encourage Me!

Back after two months! Obviously big pile of reviews, but give me encouragement so I don’t get burned out again :joy:

I really want continue learning but I struggle keeping on track after a bit (If you’ve seen me here before you know this isn’t the first time) and it sucks :frowning: Like big dummy brain keep working u only know 300 kanji u still got 1700 more noob. So any help/tips with productivity and encouragement would maybe get myself inspired! This is literally the only community I would ask for something like this because I know you guys are really nice and cool :relaxed: :heart:

(Also coming back I find myself making silly mistakes, I got 次回 and answered じだい (like 時代). My brain literally went “something something あい”)


You can do it!


You got this! One thing that keeps me going is when I see connections between what I’m learning in WaniKani and other platforms like Duolingo or Pimsleur. It helps things stick in my brain and makes me feel like it’s worthwhile.


I know a thing or two about losing motivation and and giving up for a while (I joined in 2015, never been past level 10 and have reset about 3 times :caught_durtling:). However, I am on my longest learning streak yet - about two months of daily studying now!

I think what made the difference this time is that I found a comfortable pace of doing a set number of lessons every day (no more than 20) and pushing myself for those first few weeks to not skip even a single day, so that my brain forms a habit. Now I don’t have to think about wether or not I am going to do my reviews and lessons today, it’s just another thing like brushing my teeth or making my bed in the morning.

I am excited to finally seriously be on my journey to level 60, and I am sure you can be too! :durtle_noice:


We’re almost the same level! Why don’t we keep each other on track? :grin:


Sure, that could be fun! :grin: Do you have the leaderboard script? (this one) I will add you to mine!


Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to get through ALL the reviews. If you can sit down twice a day and run through maybe 50-100 reviews. If doing lessons with all those reviews feels overwhelming, wait until you get the reviews down to a more manageable number. Or, only do 5 new lessons every day so you feel like you’re progressing, but not just adding to the pile.

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First off, don’t be pressured to finish this as fast as you can. Like other people mentioned, take around 50 (depending on you less or more) a day and finish it slowly. If you know that you are going to continue and you are going to stay committed. I suggest going on the all levels and just reviewing the kanji. You could also take the reviews depending on the levels.
(Requires a script, called Reorder Ultimate 2; you can read more here [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest])
You got this! Don’t feel stressed and you’ll be done with it in no time.
Good luck!

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