Anyway to change the settings on wanikani?

when i am close to leveling up to the next level, i get the new vocabulary in the same zone as the next level.

so for example, i am on level 15. i have a lot of vocab to unlock and my purple / pink think says 27/30 kanji. so by the time i hit to level 16 soon enough, those level 15 vocabulary words will stack up to level 16 vocabulary. i dont think it should be like that. suppose to finish all unlocking level 15 vocab then go to the next level

But, that’s not how wanikani is set up. When you have 90% of your kanji to guru, it will level up.
Vocab is only unlocked when you have your kanji to guru.
So it will always be around 10% that isn’t unlocked when you level up.

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ok i am just about to level up. at 12pm i have 26 lessons but right now i have 24 NEW lessons. at 2pm it keeps stacking up.

since my kanji is 27 out of 30, when if i do not do that 24 new lessons, but do the 2pm reviews, will i still level up after that?

I think people have already explained this a lot to you: you only level up when your kanji hit guru. Tha tonly happens during reviews, not lessons.
Those lessons will NOT impact leveling up.

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uh ok. by the time i finish 2pm, i better not level up. so just making sure cause im leaving 24 new lessons here

than you have to fail your reviews, or make sure it aren’t the 3 kanji needed for leveling up.

also: it’s not that bad if there are new lessons, like people have said many, many, many times in your previous posts: you don’t have to do all the lessons all at once.

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I am sure I don’t understand what you mean but here I go anyway.

There is a setting for the ordering of lessons:


Using one of the two ascending level settings ensures that you will do the lower level vocab before you tackle the higher level radicals and kanji. You don’t need to do the lower level lessons to unlock the higher level items but with an ascending level setting you won’t see the higher level lessons until the lower level ones are done.

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You will not get Level 16 vocabulary yet when you level up to Level 16. You only unlock Level 16 Kanji upon levelling up. Thereafter, if you do not use any scripts, your lessons will prioritise Level 15 Vocabulary that you have not done over Level 16 Kanji.

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Just don’t worry too much about having pending lessons. I have 120 to do and I’m doing about 20 per day.

Just focus on doing your reviews, and then try to balance the number of lessons you can do considering how it will increase your reviews, you don’t need to do all at once.

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yeah so i am leavinig that 24 lessons right now. i have 26R at 12pm then like 50-90 reviews. if i get new lessons after doing the 2pm and level up imma be so bad. cause i leave the 24 remaining lessons there for later on.

and those will be the first ones you’ll get if you do what somebody above you suggested.

But if you guru those kanji, you will level up, and get new radicals. That’s how the system works.
I’m only level 4 and I understand it already.


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Can someone tag staff or something? It’s happening again.


well. no one ever told me that when you almost level up, 10% of the prev vocab will be added to the next level

Yes, when you level up, you will get new radicals, some new kanji, and some new vocab that is built off the kanji you’ve learned in previous levels.
But that’s only when you hit a new level. (ex: you learned and guru’d 30/36 of the kanji of that level)

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wel, if you had read all the links people provided you before, and read the basic, you could have guessed it yourself.
I mean: you need 90% guru’d to level up, it makes perfect sense that the rest will be ‘added’ afterwards.
People have provided this information already a few times.


Did the staff take down the previous thread or something? I’m still convinced this is just a very persistent troll tbh. :slight_smile:

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Omg, you were told this or something along these lines in several previous threads.

Hey @kun123, it looks like people have already answered you more than once so we’re going to close this thread and will be in touch with you via email to help you out!