Probably Asking The Same Question Over and Over Again

Um…hello :smiley: I recently started using Wanikani last month (best decision ever) and just got to level 4. I pretty much review everyday and the amount of lessons vary from 7-16?? but today when I logged in I had 42+ lessons waiting for me o__o while I don’t mind really, I was just wondering whether it is normal to have a sudden increase in lessons once you surpass level 3? Or that isn’t always the case ;__;

PS. hope everyone has a great day wherever they are \o/

Items you have learned before are asked again after 1, 3, 7, 14 days, 1 month, 4 month, so the reviews will increase until you reach a steady state. It also depends how many items you get right obviously, if you forget all your guru items you can see tons of reviews.

Any time you level up you should expect to see a bunch of new lessons.

EDIT: oh did you mean reviews?

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yes. I meant the lessons actually :smiley: didn’t expect to see a sudden increase in them within a day

not the reviews :smiley: I meant the lessons. I generally have about 6-14 reviews per day and 30+ if I don’t log in for a day. I was wondering why the sudden increase in lessons, not reviews ;w;

Oops sorry … Did you already find this:

You can see how many new items will arrive on each level. Level 1 only has 18 kanji, later you will always get 30–40.
Vocab is 42 words in level 1, then 89, 72, and then it’s always from ~100–130. So at level 4 you first see the usual number of new items you will get each level, it will stay stable afterwards.


Especially at level up, if you Guru 20+ kanji at the same time, you’ll probably get like 60-70 vocab lessons. You don’t have to do all at once. You don’t even have to be bothered by 42+ (try “Real Number”).

:open_mouth: this is quite useful! thank you so much :smiley: it helps to track progress . I think I was taken aback at the sudden jump but looking at this sort of makes sense

I see :open_mouth: I can’t even imagine going up to 60+ lessons ;~~: so much to learn . But thank you rly, it helps to know I don’t have to go on about it all at once :smiley: i guess i’ll take it slow then

Don’t look at it too much, it can also be a bit intimidating :wink:

It’s also interesting to see at which level you can read x% of the web, news, etc. Level 30 already covers a lot of what is actually written. And which kanji in the top 500 you already covered.

Better to go slow than to burn yourself out.
I personally only do lessons whenever I feel like it. Which means that sometimes I won’t do lessons for several days and sometimes I do like 20-30 lessons on a day. Completely arbitrary. Even though that approach is quite slow, it helps to keep me motivated as I’m not forcing myself to do lessons and it also helps to keep down my review queue.

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It is not necessary to do all those lessons at once. They can stay there for months, if you are too busy to study new items right now.

When a kanji reaches guru status, all the vocabulary (purple background) words associated with it and any previously learnt guru’d kanji suddenly becomes available. I find it helpful to select those items for new lessons because it reinforces a freshly learnt kanji. Use the Reorder Ultimater script to re-order your lessons so that previous level’s vocabulary items appear first.

At level up time, not only will you get new vocabulary but you will also see some new radicals and kanji from the new level. That is why there is a sudden increase in lessons at level up time.

I would guess that there are around 150 items per level in in total. You get new kanji lessons as you guru radicals, new vocab lessons as you guru kanji, and new radical lessons as you level up. If you level up say every 8 days that’s 19 lessons a day on average, arriving on two or three batches. So it’s normal, especially when you guru the kanji and get 100+ new vocab.

Just don’t let the lessons build up :eyes:

guys, this is monumental. The first time a newer user has asked about having too much wanikani instead of too little.
But also, I’m sure it’s pretty normal, its the start of the paid levels, they probably want to make a good first impression :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m right about at your level (I’m on the verge of moving into L6), so perhaps it helps to have a slightly different perspective. I’ve been keeping a journal of my studies, so I decided to take a look back and right as I got to level 5 I wrote:

This unlocked L5, which opened up 61 new items. Got through them all, but definitely do not feel comfortable with them.

Definitely was feeling your pain, in which I was like “how could I possibly remember all of this at the same time”. But not two days later…

Evening reviews were 89% accurate of a whopping 105 items to review. Nailed it, though, with all of the L5 items being answered correctly. I can’t believe how quickly I’m retaining these new items.

I think the most important thing to remember is that this is a long term thing. The goal here is not “get to L60”. The goal is to retain the knowledge, and if you miss some along the way and it takes a little time to level up, oh well. I’ve started to understand why some of the content is introduced together and it really seems well-structured towards “this is a good way to learn”. So just be confident in yourself and go for it. You might be surprised at how much you can remember.

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The answer is pretty simple: the first 3 lvls were just the warm-up. It only gets harder.

Trick: You don’t need to do all the reviews in 1 row. I don’t. I don’t know anyone in a higher level that does it. Spread your reviews throughout the days. With time, you’ll notice how many new items you can do per day.

Level 30 is it :open_mouth: duly noted :smiley: although I do wish to complete all the levels (if I can that is) I am in no such hurry. The kanji list was definitely intimidating -.- guess I have got a long way to go then although having a report on one’s progress does help ;D

true that! I guess I sort of panicked back there seeing the number of lessons -.- I keep forgetting I don’t have to do it in one go. I am beginning to see the perks of going slow because if I end up doing too many lessons, I end up with less reviews. So I a, trying to refrain myself from going through lessons all at once :smiley: thank you really, I’ll try taking it slow from now on

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