Is it normal for lessons to appear all at once?

I’ve recently upgraded to level 6 and all my lessons came in at once, or at least quite a huge number. This wasn’t happening before when I was using wanikani online. I’ve been using Tsurukame. Could there be an app setting I’ve missed or is this just the standard leveling up as you advance through the lessons.

I feel more motivated when I have bite sized number of lessons to work on. Like twenty at a time. Any help or suggestions?

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You will have guru’d a lot of kanji in the same session and then levelled up, this unlocks:

all new radicals (there’s lots at lower levels) EDIT:just checked, 21 new radicals at level 6, yikes!
all new kanji you already know the radicals for
all new vocab based on the kanji you just guru’d.

It’s completely normal if you don’t use any reordering scripts and also do your lessons in batches. (I’ll do 10-15 at a time so there’s a good chance I could get 10 kanji to guru in the same session!)

Today I levelled up to 22 and went from 20something lessons to 100 after I finished up the review session.


I dont really know the app that you are using, however it is quite normal that a lof of lessons “pop” when you reach a new level, you will typically get all the new radicals at once, + a lot of new kanji use radicals you already know.

40 is actually quite low. I would typically get 60-90 when a new level hits.


That’s pretty normal. As was said earlier, if you guru a bunch of radicals/kanji, you get new lessons.
Hitting guru on kanji especially adds a lot of items. Each kanji has a handful of vocab to go with it, so whenever you guru a single kanji, you might get 6 or so new lessons for vocab.
Leveling up is based on mastering kanji, so it’s pretty normal to go through a session where you guru 10 or so kanji (which could be ~60 new lessons without a level up), and reach a new level which is going to add around 30 new lessons for radicals and kanji. It just kinda works out that when you level up, you can often expect like 80 to 100 new lessons to pop up.


My first tip is to just get used to having a pile of lessons but stick to your habit of not doing more than you can bite off. Doing lessons is the gas pedal here so find a speed that suits your studying routine, not someone else’s.

You can also try to spread out when you guru your last batch of kanji, giving you fewer vocab lessons upon level up. If you just have a handful left then the level up is less daunting.

But, as I said initially, you never have to do all lessons unlocked, so you’re always in charge of your study pace on WK. :slight_smile:


The app is called Tsurukame . I levelled up and got 111 lessons so it just came as a surprise but I think everyone has done a good job explaining it to me. Will have to pace myself.

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It’s not specific to Tsurukame. You’ll see the same thing via the WK site if you guru a bunch of things in one session.

The big change is that as you learn more kanji, you’ll see more and more vocabulary as a share of the total – you can make a lot more words with twenty or thirty kanji than you can with five.

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That actually makes a lot of sense. The more Kanji you Guru the more word combinations there are. Will stick to my 20 word study plan

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