Unlucky unlock timings causing lessons to cluster

Normally throughout the 7-9 days it takes me to level up, there are the lessons at the beginning and lessons in the middle that I’m guessing are unlocked by Guru-ing certain sets of characters/radicals.

However during the previous level, I had lessons in the beginning, some lessons in the middle, and also some lessons at the end. One day after that third cluster of lessons, I leveled up. Now instead of ~100 reviews at the beginning and end of each day, it’s more like 150+. This feels like it was just an unlucky unlock timing that I got by not Guru-ing specific characters in time.

It makes me wish there were settings to control the way new vocabulary are unlocked. For example, instead of unlocking vocabulary in large groups, allowing them to drip in as new characters are unlocked. I understand that it may be preferable to keep new kanji unlocked on a level-by-level basis to make the lessons feel more like a “game.” But getting unlucky and catching these weird timings is more frustrating than fun. I imagine at least for the vocabulary it would be simple enough to consider a word unlocked if the kanji that comprise it have been Guru’d.

You don’t have to complete all your vocabulary lessons as soon as they appear. I usually do about 10-25 per day, making sure to clear the lesson pile before leveling up so things don’t snowball.


Think of it this way:

Let’s say you’re trying for a 7 day 0 hour level-up. All that’s required in the first half is you to reach guru on any radicals that you’ll need (you don’t need any on a fast level) in 3 days, 12 hours. So, you reorder to do them first.

Then, during that time you work on vocabulary from the last level, and then new kanji from the current level if you have time.

In the second half, all that’s required is to guru your remaining kanji in 3 days, 12 hours. Do them first, and then during that time work on any vocab you may have unlocked from kanji in the first part.

Most importantly: you don’t have to do all your lessons at once (and probably shouldn’t)

Edit: I notice that you’re still taking the fast levels slow - which isn’t a bad idea. However, you’ll have to be okay with all these lessons sitting there. Just split it up and you’ll be fine!

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You’ve been going through the fast levels so your lessons are going to come through faster.

Currently, the fast levels on Wanikani are: 43, 44, 46, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Source: Wanikani fast levels report

On a regular level, you have to Guru the radical for that Kanji’s levels before they’re unlocked. But on fast levels, you’ll have very few Kanji based on that level’s radicals so the majority of Kanji will be unlocked right away.


And an hour after typing that I just did my reviews and realized I’m on a fast level now too lol :joy:


Also known as 42+ (except for 45 and 48) :wink:


There’s no luck, only Crabigator’s will.


Thanks for the responses. It never occurred to me to delay doing lessons. I guess I’ve made a habit of doing them almost as soon as they are available.

I also did not know there was a distinction between fast and slow levels. All I’ve been doing is lessons/reviews twice a day at roughly the same times. It looks like this isn’t the most optimized way to complete a level, as I’ve been averaging 8 days 9 hours per level.


That’s actually a pretty fast pace so you’re fine there. The absolute fastest is a day or so less than what you’re at and that requires more rigorous scheduling so I think you’ll be ok. :wink:

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That sounds insane to do all your lessons as soon as they appear, much more manageable to keep it consist.

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@rever4217 I agree, doing lessons is probably the most draining part of WK. I will likely start doing vocabulary every day, less cards at a time now that I can easily see that is a valid strategy.

This will also allow me to focus on kanji lessons at the starts of levels so I can actually do the levels fast. It seems my kanji accuracy has been preventing me from leveling up quickly.

Thanks again everyone.


That’s great that you found a new strategy! You might want to mark any of these comments as a solution to prevent more Helpful Durtles from trying to help you. :wink:

I love how you’ve been beasting WaniKani so hard that this question only popped up for you at level 46! :sweat_smile:


@killergerbah, feel free to read my guide for Wanikani, mainly chapters 4 to 7. I believe you will still find useful information for this last run to level 60 :slight_smile:


But that’s literally how it does work? The vocab words for a specific kanjis is unlocked as you guru the kanji, and if you guru all the kanji in one huge cluster, all the vocab is going to come at once.

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Ah yeah, you’re right. I think I brain farted when I wrote the original post. I was mostly surprised by the weird timing of the vocabulary being unlocked, but as others have mentioned that appears to be just how the fast levels work.


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