I HAVE CAST THE RING INTO THE FIRE: a level 60 celebration!

Ah, sweet sweet level 60 cake.

Oh, I have.

And it has only taken me


I figured this would be one of those things I always mean to but never do. In the past few years, I’ve gone through some pretty awful stuff, ending in a mental breakdown in the middle of last year. But then @irrelephant had a terrific idea of racing from Hobbiton to Rivendell, and then on to the fires of Mount Doom, and that, combined with a hefty amount of talking to other friends on here, helped me get out of my slump! <3 So, thank you!

Here are some other screenshots of my journey:

(you can see where I relaxed for a whole month following the JLPT N2 in July of 2018, and when my grandmother died in April of last year.)

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone at Wanikani and Tofugu for creating not only the best program out there for learning kanji, but for also developing such a safe and friendly environment

Also, this is definitely not the end of me being here. I still have a TON of reviews to get through and burns. Honestly, I’d like to go through it all again, but as it took me three years to get the shiny badge, I’ll wait until the Wanikani team make it so those who’ve gotten to level 60 in the past have a differently colored badge, or something.

I’d also be interested in trying to get as low as level seven, or even level six, in the kanji kentei. I’ll definitely post about it here if I ever get around to trying it!

This has been your host, elbereth00. Thank you for staying with us, we are signing off to eat some cake.


Hooray congrats!!! Middle Earth is safe once more! Mad respect for your perseverance after such a long time :muscle:

Sorry to hear about your grandmother :heart: My close friend died that same month last year so major empathy there. I literally reset WK at lvl 34 afterwords because I felt like I had to reset my life lol

Congrats again!! :beers:

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Congrats!! Amazing work, especially pushing through the hard times!

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Congrats! :two_hearts: It’s amazing how you pushed through despite going through rough times. I’m always fascinated to see what our human brains are capable of achieving if we just work for it. Very very well done :slight_smile:

Do you mind sharing a bit more of your study journey, organisation, timetable etc.?

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Amazing, way to represent #teamslow! Now have fun sailing off on that boat with your level 60 cake.



bow hinata haikyu
Congratulations on this achievement. Well done indeed!
keep chugging along @Elbereth00-先輩! :fire: them all!



Congratuliations @Elbereth00!

fullfill oath
And fullfill your oath you did.

I hope you enjoy your cake. Time to celebrate!! :partying_face: :slight_smile:
field of victory

giphy (40)

giphy (16)


Your perseverance and determination have paid off!
Enjoy your cake, and enjoy the whole new chapter of your language journey which is about to begin!


Congratulations!! :confetti_ball: :tada: :partying_face: :tada: :confetti_ball:


All these LotRs references :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Here’s a lil from the Hobbit :laughing:


Hobbit 1


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Congratulations! :crabigator: :crabigator: :crabigator:


Oops, that’s what I forgot to add.

I started learning Japanese back in 2012 from a few recently-developed introductory courses at university, and while my instructor back then told me about WaniKani, but I made the (valid) excuse of being broke and didn’t go farther than level one, as seen above.

I got more serious about learning in 2014 when I first moved to Ichihara, and whipped out a small notebook anytime I heard a word I didn’t know (which was all of the time), then made audio vocab lists that I listened to on the way to and from school every day. I tried reading Harry Potter and The Hobbit, but of course, I didn’t know more than fifty kanji at the time, and for some stupid reason I thought using the adult version would be a good idea, so it was painful and slow-going, though I did get a lot of neat words that way.

That year, I tried Kanji In Context, which is a terrific book, just not for straight-up learning kanji, and Read Real Japanese, which transformed my understanding of grammar (which was close to zero), and is what I equipped as my main source of study material after a shaky start with Nakama, which I mostly enjoyed for the stroke order exercises at the back.

In 2017, I was heading towards Japan a second time with the JET Program (specifically, to Aso, Kumamoto!), so I finally gave in and tried Wanikani again, and I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID OH MY GOSH. Sure, Our Revered Lord and Savior is known for his wily ways of getting us to learn kanji, but for me, it helped me get over that infamous intermediate slump that all language learners experience, as it gave me something to work towards.

Despite how long it took me to get here, I did devote about four hours daily to my studies. However, I have a learning disability that has made it so where it is very difficult to remember things, so levelling up took FOREVER. Well, it did. Until I took what most would consider a shortcut, but I consider a lifeline, and began making kanji lists on Quizlet. So every day, I would study on WK, and then when I was done, I would go to Quizlet and study that level’s kanji for about ten minutes. I think I started somewhere around the end of the death levels (so appropriate, right?).

Now that I’m level 60, I’ll spend more time in the book clubs (I was halfway through Kiki’s Delivery Service when I stopped following that thread— guess I’ll pick up there!) and continue making Quizlets for specific vocabulary, like my (only-too-natural-to-have-made) LOTR vocab list, and my recently-created list for Animal Crossing (which, by the way, has completely enveloped me and upped my reading game).


[quote=“Elbereth00, post:15, topic:43120”] LOTR vocab list ,

Bookmarked!!! :star_struck:

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Well-farfloogin-done friend!

I’m curious. I have a copy of Read Real Japanese, but I’ve been kinda saving it for when I can make the most of it. You mentioned that it was pretty helpful grammar wise, I’m curious why exactly you thought that?

Also, thanks for reminding me that I have it, I should probably start reading it!

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Holy perseverance Batman! Very nice.


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