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I noticed yesterday that the android App has changed. Now in release 1.2.7. Is there a place where we can follow the changes ?
Or is it due to changes in the API that the appearance of the App changes a little. I noticed that when you do a mistake, it is no more possible to have a second try as before but you can still quit the review mode if you do not want to register your mistake.

There is no official app, they are all 3rd party. You’ll have to check the individual development thread if there is one. Which app you talking about?


What app are you using?

It is the traditional WK app which is written
Contributors : Adrien Pyke (kufii), Aralox, Eward Luo…Veyndan Stuart(veyndan).
It is written Copyright Rofugu LLC .
The Dashboard is with obsolete info on lessons and reviews ( for me blocked on 31 Lessons and 85 Reviews) but everithing else is working.
J. Hubert

Sorry Copyright Tofugu

Again, there’s no official WK app.

You seem to be talking about this.

It’s discontinued, but there are alternatives.

Like this.

If you have issues with these apps, you need to talk to the developers, but there’s no guarantee they’ll fix it, though they probably will, and WaniKani themselves have nothing to do with them.

For Android I can really recommend to check out the Flaming Durtles app… it’s awesome.

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Other than switching to a new app, it’s better to get the app’s name; otherwise a screenshot of About. On searching, I can find those persons, but not any app related to WaniKani.

Also, found nothing related to WaniKani with version number 1.2.7.

Let me move the thread to #wanikani:api-and-third-party-apps because any Android app is a third party app – The WaniKani Android App | WaniKani Knowledge. Perhaps the title should be clear the it is about (mobile / tablet) Android as well.

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