The app makes the kanji too small!


I recently got the app for WaniKani, but everything only appears on the top half of the screen! It’s really tiny and hard to see that way. Also, I can’t turn the keyboard sideways to make typing easier when I’m doing reviews for some reason. Both things combined makes it a hassle to study using the app. Is there any way I can fix these probpems?


Which one? Probably best to find the thread for that specific app. The apps are unofficial, third-party apps, but if they are still active the creators are usually pretty responsive.

Here’s the category for apps


I heard that the team at wanikani are working towards making their own app, let’s be a little more patient with the third party apps the community has made for us :slight_smile:


Where was that mentioned?


I saw Koichi make a comment somewhere on the forum, not sure where though. Sorry ^^"


I took a glance through his recent posts, but didn’t see anything announcement-related. Didn’t go super thoroughly though, because he does like to just goof around on the campfire a lot.

This would be big news, so that’s why I asked.


I haven’t seen anything on the forums, but there have been a few tweets over the past couple years that have slowly changed tone from “we plan to do it one day” to “pretty soon” in the most recent tweet a couple weeks ago. This is Tofugu though, so “pretty soon” could mean anything from tomorrow to five years from now.