I get 外れ wrong, but WaniKani marks it as correct

This is similar to the recent “No Self-Reporting ‘Wrong’ button” thread; but I think it’s a more of a bug that should be fixed, rather than a feature request: Basically, I am asked for the meaning of 外れ. I mistakenly type “outside” and this is wrong: it means extremity, outskirts, outer limits, etc. Seems like WaniKani thinks I just made a few typos on the correct answer, so it gives me the benefit of the doubt.

However, this is now the 5th time I’ve typed in the incorrect answer yet it think I got it correct. So, I’m concerned this bug could be causing WaniKani users to learn the wrong translation.

I realize there are other threads where people are using scripts to override answers, but this problem feels like something that should be fixed in the core product, as it applies to everyone.


Pretty much. If you want your answers to be checked more strictly, there are scripts you can use. WK won’t implement stricter checks because most users will foam at the mouth if they get marked wrong for a small typo.
(Edit: Here’s a link to said script)


i get mad at myself for typing it wrong and hitting enter like a moron. i don’t use the scripts as i figure missing it is punishment for my dumb dumb fingers

While it takes a bit of effort on the programmer’s part, there are some of these answers that need explicit exclusions programmed in. I get that there are 8000 records in the database, but fewer than 1-2% need adjustment. Depending on how it was written, exclusions could be a major issue or no issue at all. I appreciate the generousity for when I fatfinger something or use a non-US spelling, but I’m in the same boat as the OP in that I consistently type in the wrong answer and am forgiven for it, resulting in reinforcing the wrong answer. (In point of fact, I would even say 外れ is one of them.)

So, yeah, I support the notion that some things should have exclusions.

maybe there should be a user/account setting for “strict mode” that would only accept an exact match and not try to forgive typos.


That could be a good idea.

Or they could just have a button for users to mark their answers wrong.

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I just did the same thing the other day. But I’m glad wanikani accepted the answer. I did notice it wasn’t in the meaning. :slight_smile:

Wanikani only accepts father for chichi vocab reading… but not dad… why?

I think it would be a nice feature to be able to ‘flag’ certain ones. There are some that I get right and then don’t see them very often. So if you could flag it as a personal problem one so it comes up a little more :slight_smile:

I think it’s less formal…
Weirdly, it used to be the opposite.

I have said this before myself, and agree, especially in the case of opposites.

WK already tells you to double check to make sure you were actually correct. Wouldn’t that strike you as odd when you made no typo?

But the logical step after telling you to double check is to allow you to mark it as wrong if you didn’t know it.

I suppose, but then people at least wouldn’t be burning things incorrectly, if they followed the advice.

If I am ever unsure if the (correct) answer I typed in is really the best translation, I always click the little eye beneath and check what the proper translation was. Maybe I got it correct but there is a better, more correct translation. I will then attempt to use that one for the next time. I also ALWAYS check when the little message pops up that says, “Your answer was a bit off…” Well, I don’t want to be a bit off. I want to be spot on.

I think it’s really just part of the users responsibility too. Not to say a “strict” mode wouldn’t be helpful for some. I just think it’s not necessary for myself.

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