Is it me or is Wanikani kind of bad at detecting typos?

To be clear I mostly love wanikani, and any typos i make that come up as wrong answers i tend to add as user synonyms so it doesn’t keep happening and its a non-issue.

I do just find there’s a decent amount of minor typos that are marked wrong, whereas other typos get detected and marked correct no problem. For example earlier i accidentally typed ‘idea’ as ‘dea’ and that was marked wrong. I guess i’m just wondering if other people notice this, or find it a little annoying like i do.


I believe your particular answer was marked incorrect because our typo forgiveness does not exist for any words 3 letters or under. The reason for this is because one letter can have a drastic difference on the word (car → cat, for example).

I just tested it out, and “xdea” passes typo forgiveness for 意, with any letter standing in for x. However, since “dea” is not necessarily a typo but instead is a missing character, I think that’s why the typo system is not allowing it. I’m 99% sure this is the case, but since I’m not familiar with the algorithm on a deeply technical level, I don’t want to speak with absolute certainty.


When you absolutely know you had the right English gloss and it’s just a typo, there’s a way around it even without third-party stuff. If you don’t mind spending ten half-items of progress for it, you can always X out of your session and come back in an Incognito window. You will get a fresh session with new items and any review item that was half-complete will get wiped.

Vanilla cheats :sunglasses:


No I don’t >:(


That’s a bit overcomplicated, just gotta refresh the page for the same effect.


I indeed noticed that pattern, but there may be more to it. Your example, I think, is perfect:

What are the odds of someone remembering CAR instead of CAT as opposed to the odds of it being a typo?

I think overwhelmingly, people will make a typo instead of such a drastic mistake. I know I have yet to make, even once, such a mistake. But typos? all the time. Of course, I have double-check, so it doesn’t matter, but just my small little input : P

I confuse my left and right hand… so its not to far off that somebody out there actually confuses cat with car


As in, you no longer know what is the concept of “left and right”? That’s not the same as confusing your left and right, you still understand what is a left and what is a right, you don’t go around and one day think “left” is a bird, do you?
That’s what confusing a car for a cat would be. Imagine your brain process going “shoot” ねこ a cat or a car? They look so similar in real life, so confusing! O__o
That is the sort of thing you confuse while learning English as a foreign language. And I’m assuming WANIKANI’s goal is not to teach English (though it can be a side benefit).

But then again, maybe it’s just me, and some people remember how a word sounds. Like how often did that happen to you here on Wanikani Sulax?

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Given how quickly reviews pile up I tend to do them faster than I probably should. I say the word correctly then type it in incorrectly. I’m not sure what the best solution to it is.

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I think you’ve gotten hung up on car vs cat a bit. Also, I don’t think it was specifically decided, that from this point on for 3 letter words there won’t be typo detection, it’s just that for short words, a large enough percentage is different, that wanikani thinks of it as a misremembering instead of a typo.

I don’t think car would be misremembered for a cat; but there are sometimes wrong acceptance for critical vocabularies; so it doesn’t really have to be many.

It’s quite funny as well, that typo from block list would easily be accepted. (Like missing a -d.)

It would be nice if typo detection can be better, like for short words, but also make drastic mistake detection as strong.

tl;dr car and dea should be accepted.

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I’m just glad there is any typo detection at all. Not every system is so merciful.

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thats fair. honestly i appreciate that too seeing how i type fast and don’t always pay the most attention as i do. and like i said its easy enough to add my typos as synonyms so i dont make the same mistake twice

That does make sense. i appreciate your input so thank you <3. i do wonder how much this sort of system really works. especially when some typos just get the “your answer is a bit off check to see if its right” banner. i suppose to me it seems like that sort of a notifictaion would be sufficient for all typos. even for car and cat.