I finally broke my cycle!

Afte every level before I would feel overwhelmed with all of the new kanji and vocab and would just take a HUGE break which is what slowed me down alot, this time I said no more and decided to do it two days after almost stopping my reviews like i did the past 7 times,i’m glad i’m finally talking this alot more serious, i think being involved in the community is what helped my commitment as well.

Side Note: does anyone know how to make it appear that I’m now level 8? for me it still says im level 7.


The forum seems to lag behind a bit. You can force an update by logging out and logging back in again.

thank youuuuu : )

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Well done overcoming this hurdle. I used to dread level-ups to an extent as well, mostly because I feel that radicals/kanji are a different and more difficult kind of learning than vocab. The approach I’ve come up with to deal with this is to use the Lesson Filter script to get a fairly consistent mix of vocab and radicals/kanji (between 2:1 and 3:1, currently I’m doing 8 voc, 4 rad/kan), of course with a set number of lessons per day.

This way, my review load is more even, and so is the difficulty level of the lessons/reviews, which has gone a long way towards easing the anxiety over those dry kanji-only days.


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