Learning How to Write... Is FUN!


Recently I have reset myself back to level 1 in Wanikani after having been completely inactive in Japanese for around 1 year, just to brush back up.
I was level 16 before I reset.
Since I will be stick in the lower levels of Wanikani for a while, where I mostly will still remember everything after being given a reminder, I have been working ahead a bit with Anki.

Haven’t been really been learning anything new, but I have been learning stuff such as stroke order, and I have come to realize that after practicing how to write the Kanji, it sticks in my mind much better.

It is nice to be able to conjure the kanji from memory instead of just being able to recognize it, I also feel like it might help with similar looking kanji by thinking back to the stroke order.
I’ve also been using stuff such as Kaniwani, but instead of just typing in the answer, I have been writing it by hand first, including kanji, before giving the answer.

I am not sure yet if this will end up causing burnout in the long run, but we will see!

Just sharing what’s on my mind~


Never tried it tbh (i can’t even write kana lol)

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