Finally made it 🥲

1369 days (almost 4 years) of quitting and resuming this thing but here I am having finally guru’d the last set of kanji :partying_face:.

The boost around halfway was me realising if I go full speed consistently from ‘now’ I’ll be done just before the N1 test. I also decided to handwrite all of them as I go, until I feel comfortable with them. That was to balance the chance of forgetting them all by going max speed. And also I generally wanted the ability to write kanji. It was hard hard work.

Now to burn the rest :relieved:


Congratulations!!! Wow you wrote them all that’s amazing hahaha! All the best for your future studies :heart::raised_hands:



Thanks!! It made it take wayyyyy longer :joy:. But I definitely gained a skill from it. Next step is learning to write completely from memory :dizzy_face:


I’m learning the writing as I go as well. I can write pretty much any Kanji (that I have learned) in correct order if I glance at it, but tell me to write out of memory and I’ll give you a blank stare lol.

How many times would you write new Kanji btw? for me it’s a few lines on the notebook and I try to remember them at random times for the next few weeks until I get comfortable with them (and then forget everything again :durtle_tomato:).

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Well done on reaching lv 60! :partying_face:


Please have this cake! :birthday: