Didn't receive Level 12 email from Koichi


Just leveled up to Level 12 but didn’t receive congratulation email from Koichi :frowning: Is this normal? New rules? ( no messages in my spam box)

Please share it with me if it is possible.


Ah, too fast for me.

P.S. Don’t post your e-mail address here. Like, really don’t.


The reason?

I know what level-up email. The question why I’m not receiving one after leveling up? ( thanks for the link though :wink:

(Sighs a quiet sigh of relief that OP saw your advice and acted on it before the post was 5 mins old so there is no record of the edit…:sweat_smile:)

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Most of this forum’s content is searchable by the entire internet-enabled world, not just WK members…

As for missing email, it could just be delayed - how long has it been since you hit lvl 12?

Enable and disable and re-eneable notifications that works for some people.


Disable and re-enable notification worked for me TOO! Email came in a minute. Thank you! [Bunnysaurus].

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