I can't believe it's been 120 days already

I was calculating the number of days since I started Wanikani and it dawned on me… 120 days already!

On the bright side, I feel I’ve improved so much in this ‘short’ amount of time. I feel a lot more confident reading and using kanji when I write. So thanks Wanikani for that <3

Still, I feel way behind on schedule. I was hoping to be at level 16 by now! But I guess you can only rush your learning process so much (and you kind of need to sleep at some point: Proof here).

So I’m curious: how far along are you guys and how do you feel about your progress so far?

NB: And for people on my now gigantic leaderboard: I’m still racing you :slight_smile: (Even the ones who already got the cake :stuck_out_tongue: )

EDIT (June 6th, updated dashboard).


I can see my name from here!

An average of 10 days per level isn’t bad. If you keep that up you’ll be golden in no time. Oh, and btw, I know that you use the heatmap script, so if you want to know how many days you have been on WK you can just check this number

Although if you did reviews before August of 2017 you’ll want to look at the lessons instead, since WK didn’t log review data before that


Ohhh, I see my name there too :heart_eyes:

Yup :slight_smile: What matters is you getting that cake. In 5,10 years time, a few months slower will mean nothing compared to the consistency that going slower allowed you to :muscle:

What have you been reading? :slight_smile:




You’re doing better than me lol, maybe I’ll catch up one of these days :smiling_imp:

How do I feel about my progress… I started near the end of my second semester in college, so there was a lot of work that came before WaniKani, so it was obviously going to be a bit slower, but I was making pretty steady progress.

At the end of the semester though, I just kinda stopped doing lessons. I can’t remember if I was just burned out a bit from exams or if I just wanted some free time before I started my summer job, but while I did reviews every now and then, I wasn’t making any progress on new items. I finally got sick of watching my time on level climb past two months though, and there’s been a lull at work, so new kanji time!

So while a bit disheartened at how long this level has taken me, I’m trying to focus more on just plowing through and getting these kanji to stick in my head, even if it takes longer than I would like lol


I don’t see mine :anguished:
(Well, no need to add anything to the giant leaderboard; it’s big enough)


I almost said : I didn’t see @Naphthalene ? but didn’t post it, just in case.


haha I don’t think it’s that surprising to not get featured on strangers’ leaderboard :sweat_smile:


I did not know I was on any leader boards! O: You made me link the new email I made for WK stuff to my gravatar, so hopefully the durtle will be updated to something more spiffy. :robot:

That so great to hear! Always good to look back at times at how far you’ve come. Especially with a long-term commitment like WK.

I feel so-so about my progress. :thinking:

For the 15 or so months that I’ve dedicated myself to daily Japanese studies, I should probably be a lot further along than I am. :grimacing:

I blame grammar! …and myself. Definitely myself. I just didn’t handle it right.

First I tried with resources that didn’t really click for me, but when I was made aware of CureDolly, I still didn’t grab the bull by the horns as I should have.

I would binge on her early videos of the foundational, basic stuff, push myself too hard, and end up dropping grammar again for weeks or even months. Then I would come back, but go back to the very start again, telling myself I wanted to get the picture as a whole. I did this at least two or three times. Very good use of my time, obviously. >>

I should have accepted that not everything was going to stick perfectly the first time, and just pushed through. No going over things again until going over everything at least once.

On the whole, though, I’m far more pleased than displeased with how things are going. :purple_heart:


Oh, hey! I’m also there. :open_mouth:

I’m almost up to the point where I reset (twice) before, so that’s good.
I also have a lot of free time, so this is probably my fastest go-through. :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost time to learn new stuff. :smiley:

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Now I want to make a leaderboard!

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You can make one yourself or use the script that murisakiblue is using. ^^


How come I never saw this before… >.> Thanks! :slight_smile: :durtle:

Ah, no, I only joined this February.

Yes :slight_smile: You’re all the way up there!

You’re a wise person @jprspereira, I’ll try to be patient… でも, すぐ に 日本人 と 日本語 を ペラペラ 話したい ね…

Gonna catch all these turtles! :turtle:

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That’s the right way to go about it, I think :+1: We can do it, we’ll get that cake!

@Naphthalene @Oshin

Welcome to my giant leaderboard! There’s always room for more Japanese addicts :wink:


I’m sure you’re on more than one :wink:

CureDolly? Is it any good?


Sorry didn’t mean to ignore that question:

  • Newspapers (mostly the headtitles but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere)
  • Girly magazines
  • And kids school books lol
  • Oh, and the first volume of Harry Potter of all things XD

Learn something new everyday. I learn something new whenever I answer the ‘shiritori’ thread lol

Of course, you do! Those help you stay motivated and they look good.
What’s not to like?
Also very easy to do as @Omun helpfully indicated :slight_smile:

@anon30583542 & @snow-pine Also until you get your own leaderboard: welcome on mine!


Made a world of difference for me. ^^ As I keep bringing up in every other grammar resource thread around here.

Many people dislike the audio-visual choices of the youtube videos, so it’s good she has a website with articles, too.

I had tried a few reputable grammar sources, but I just never properly remembered and retained what I learned because I didn’t truly understand it. KawaJapa throwing out all the equating to Western grammar and teaching Japanese as Japanese was like hitting a light switch for me.

So much to learn, but it is so much more logical to me now. Feeling like I understand why the language does what it does makes it infinitely easier to remember for me. Before, it felt like my only recourse was to hammer in all the points of Tae Kim or the DBJG through sheer rote memorisation, and that was intensely demotivating. Now I’m positive about grammar. :+1:

It also helped that in her youtube course, she pretty quickly moves on to covering a simple book, so you are exposed early on to grammar that is common when reading. This meant I could finally make some better progress and pick up native reading as part of my studies.

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I can’t believe its been 1274 days already.
Do as I say, not as I do.
Do your reviews!


@whowasphone Ok I will not do… I’ll do not what you… I’ll do what you not…
Who are you already? lol
But seriously, it’s like you’re in my head or on my dashboard. I have 300 reviews to do today.

@Omun I’m definitely going to give it a try and I’ll let you know.

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