Hi! I'm interested, when did you all start with wanikani and what level are you now on?

I just feel as if I’m very slow

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'Ello. :eyes:

I’ve reset twice. :stuck_out_tongue: And I’ve been on this level for like 2 months.


Looking at my heat-map: started level 1 on March 27th 2018, and hit level 60 on July 19th 2019. So about 16 months.

That speed means a lot of reviews, and I wouldn’t call what I did fun. But speeding ahead was still the right thing for me personally. It opened doors to using Japanese more quickly, so that I didn’t feel like I was putting in months or years of effort with little to no returns. And I was convinced I’d fail at WK and Japanese in general, as I had in the past, so I honestly got very worried that losing momentum would mean I’d fall off the SRS wagon entirely.


You can click on someone’s avatar/picture to see when they started.
There also is a heat-map thread where you can basically see their entire review (and/or lesson) history if they posted there.
I personally joined in the middle (-3 days) of 2017 but only went premium in January 2018. Have been going VERY slowly since then (heat map stories thread for more details)

I started on 13. June 2019 - so around 6 Months ago and i’m now on lvl 9

According to my profile I joined January 15th 2018. That makes it almost two years now. As you can see I’m level 11, so I’m much slower than you, OP.

That being said I reached level 20 before, decided to take a break, forgot all the kanji during said break, and reset in August this year.

Had I gone any faster than the speed I’m going now, I probably get burn out again. Just take it slowly, Japanese learning is not a race.

(Many thanks to Christmas lifetime sale for sponsoring this journey.)


I started in August 2012, so 7 years ago.
I got to level 60 last year, so technically 10 levels per year on average. :thinking:
(In practice I used other kanji learning methods for ~4 years, had 1 year of break, finally coming back to WK after a total of 5 years and went from 1 to 60 in a year :woman_shrugging:)


July 2015, and as you can see I’m level 28 now. I was level 1 for about 1.5 years of that time though(in other words, I just signed up and barely learnt any Japanese whatsoever before temporarily giving up), and I’ve also learnt a pretty decent amount of stuff outside wanikani(but I’m trying to go faster on wk too as of a few weeks ago)


February 2019 and I’m level 18 :white_flower: :smile_cat: :durtle_megane:

Started September 30th.

Level 10 nao

Started August 12th. About to hit level 17 later today (many thanks to @jprspereira)


Nov. 2018, level 12. Leveling up in a week or less, I think…

Started around September 2018 and about to hit level 43. I think the “a little over one year” promise is horrifically false advertising–the average user takes much longer to finish, so don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’re going slowly. Just go at whatever pace feels comfortable and don’t give up!!

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I joined 10 December 2017, and I am level 51 now. I have been very inconsistent in my level ups. Sometimes 2 months for one level, sometimes close to top speed.

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Impressive speed and regularity. Congrats! :clap:

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Joined a while ago but never really started. But today i finally started. :slight_smile:


I’m really impressed how fast a lot of people manage to level up, and speed through Wanikani. Makes me feel like a snail xD I’ve used about 2,5 years to reach lvl 57, and will hit 60 in about a month. In my circle of friends and family, they consider me a little crazy, I think, for how much time I spend, nearly witout braks, on WK. Going to the forums and seeing people so much more dedicated than me is really humbling, and probably quite healthy for me :sweat_smile:


Good luck :blush:

Started a while ago (October 2015), reset twice.
My resets were 24 to 20 and 31 to 12 (where I am now).
WK is an on and off thing, mostly because my life was very busy and I lost the drive to pull through. I hope third time’s the charm for me.


Joined May 14th this year and am now at level 24. I’ve slowed down a lot in the past couple of levels though because stuff started coming up for burning which added a ton of extra reviews to the point where it would have been overwhelming to continue at the same speed.