Anyone just fall behind sometimes

I am on level 9, almost level 10 and I’ve just started to slack a bit. I neglected my new level 9 lessons for a week and have still been taking a while. I was doing so well at the beginning. I don’t know how some people posted themselves taking no more then 8 days a level, i just hit 20 days on level 9…



don’t worry OP, you’re not alone, haha


Don’t worry and take it easy. The most important thing is that you don’t get overwhelmed - speed doesn’t matter. WK is really not a race, what counts at the end of the day is your Kanji and Vocab knowledge. And if it took you 4 years to memorize all 60 levels, then it took you that much, there’s no sense in finishing within a year if you can’t retain any of it.
You also shouldn’t forget that everyone has different circumstances and some can fit WK more easily into their schedule. Language learning is a process, so as long as you stick to it you’ll be able to do more every day. You can start reading native material already at very early levels (between 10 and 20 I’d say, although don’t wait if you want to start earlier).
What’s important is persistence, so don’t give up. (Also: you already cleared 1/6th, so that’s something)


I’ve been on level 33 for a little over a month. Not because I’m lazy, but because I’m making more progress in Japanese with other resources. I’ll be back.


This chart is beatiful.
Can you tell me where to find mine?
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You can find yours on
along with lots of other helpful indications of your progress!


I ended up slacking off for 2 years, don’t worry about it. As long as you stay motivated there’s no need to be hard on yourself, because getting there is the important part. Everyone gets there at their own pace


I reached level 11 around 9 months ago. I’m still only on level 12 lmao.

Since covid times and working from home, I don’t have my commute to make sure I stay on top of things so the reviews can really pile up.

So don’t worry! And don’t compare yourself with others. Just get through the reviews and lessons at a pace that is manageable for you. :slight_smile:


The crabigator loves all of his children, no matter how long it might take them to level up

But he does get a little sad whenever you don’t do your daily reviews :pensive:


If you put your API information from this page:

into this page:

you should be able to see the graph (:

Lot of people try and brag about their speed. They are either students or unemployed and have a ton of free time to spend studying. Average time per level is about 15-20 days, so don’t feel any pressure to try and speed through the levels. It’s more important to learn and internalize the knowledge. This is something you can’t speed through.


Or already experienced japanese learner


Am also level 9 and today just hit different. It’s felt like sooo many reviews and is the first time I’ve felt like switching to ‘reviews only mode’ for a bit. But I’m almost at the weekend… weekdays are hard man, so much to fit in, as well as WK.


Thank you very much!
I found everything…
How interesting!
Thanks for your help

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I would guess that many of the people who have very little time to study also have very little time to post in the forums, which is why you don’t hear about them as often.


I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for 20 years now.

You could say I have never fallen behind, I just have huge bouts of not actually getting anywhere! :smiley:

Depressing, but now that I have WaniKani and BunPro, finally feeling like I can get the hang of this pesky written language!




Re: 8 days a level.

I am guilty of this. As I stated in my above post, I am working on Japanese 20 years now. I want to know how to read Japanese before I die (I am 41, for the record, so hopefully not for a long while!).

For me, leveling up in 7-10 days is my level up goal, my kanji goal is WK level 60 by year end 2021, and my overall goal is N4 (MAYBE N3) by end of 2021 as well.

I need to do this and I need to do it with hard, but attainable, goals. When I was left to my own devices, the best I achieved was 60 straight days of kanji learning. Had I had these tools 15 years ago I can only imagine how well I would be doing with the language today… but no sense dwelling and instead I am moving forward.

As far as your goals, you are learning! If it takes you 7 days, 14, 21, 365 to level up, progress is progress!


Definitely, I feel like in general I take it pretty slowly compared to most of the other members.

I end up falling behind because of other stuff going on in life. Even when I have the time, if I go too quickly with new lessons I’m not able to absorb everything. I also like to practice the stroke order of the kanji introduced, I try to cover them all using an app before moving on to the next level. All of that adds to my completion time, so I don’t expect to be hitting level 60 in the crazy short amounts of time some people here have managed. However I’m making steady progress and I feel like it’s something I’m able to stick to, save the occasional break for a day or two which is the important part. Slow and steady wins the race I suppose? :laughing:

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According to wkstats my average is 18 days, but once I hit level 15 it’s really been 20+ days on each level. I try to do my lessons at a pace that keeps my reviews low-ish so I don’t get overwhelmed and I can actually memorize the kanji better. It’s not fast but it’s consistent and works fine for me :grin: