So much reviews

I don’t know where it went wrong but here and there lost motivation.
Going to try to complete this 517 reviews.


Yikes! I’ve got 116 waiting for me. Would be fine if it wasn’t so late.

But let’s tackle this, 頑張れ!

I got 270 today… still haven’t done them

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Y’all ain’t seen nothing yet.


haha, but you lv60 I wouldn’t worry if I was so high.

I don’t think anyone that high worries about anything


I feel you man… I once took a year break and it was… awful

If only I had a personal coach that could create a Japanese schedule and study with me every week, to see my improvements.
Learning yourself is not impossible but hard for me at least.

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I got 200 reviews waiting for me in the morning because I forgot to check wanikani last night, but… I took care of it!

people, after taking care of 3000 long reviews (after a 3month break), I can tell you, do not let any review number disappoint you! I once saw like 300 and i was like “oh that’s too much, I’ll finish it sometime this week” and it just kept escalating :sweat_smile: now i just tackle it everytime i see a nonzero number to review :triumph::crabigator:

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How goes it? You get part of it handled?

Wow, that’s quite large number. i wonder if I’ll experience the same too later…

When I start losing motivation and my reviews pile up like to 300-400, I turn on my vacation mode and rest for several days. Then I come back and kill all the annoying reviews.

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I took a break from WaniKani for this exact reason and it turned out to be a fool move, now that’s a year or two of learning I’ll not get back.

I need Caffeine to finish this.

With caffeine, I can do 200-300 per session.
Without caffeine, I can usually do only 50.

Imagine 4 sessions per day, on 3-4 consecutive days.

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Still a lot to go my friend.

What are you down to?

Yesterday I did like 10 or something, now again 517.
I will try to work on it the coming days.

I’ve stopped trying to do more than a hundred at a time. My brain dies somewhere around 50. Just take a break and get back to it later. But yeah, 500 sucks…and 2238 is inhumane!

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