900 reviews later... (don't reset!)

I did it! A few days ago, I had over 900 reviews waiting for me. I’ve been putting Wanikani and learning japanese on the back burner for a time (two months, I think) and it felt almost insurmountable to come back. I was thinking of resetting Wanikani entirely and start over, but now that the pile is down to zero, I’m very relieved I didn’t.

If you, too, have a massive pile of reviews waiting and can’t remember most of it, just go for it. Take it on slowly. If you can’t remember something (kanji, radical, vocab, mnemonic), click it and take the time to really relearn it. I found that relearning one reading, for example, made it easier to remember other readings as well.

For me, it was like opening a flood gate and I’m now more excited than ever to learn japanese. :smile:


Welcome back. And congratulation on winning against this review monster…


Welcome back :crabigator:

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Congratulations! And welcome back!
About a month ago I’ve managed to tackle a huge pile (nearly 2700 reviews) without reset too!
I’ve done two resets in the past, so this time I was determined not to do the third one and, just like you, I’ve managed to succeed! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, best of luck with your studies!




Couldn’t agree more. Nice work getting through it.

Honestly I think it’s good to go through something like this. Puts in perspective what you can do. Waking up to 50 or 100 reviews doesn’t seem like a big deal any more :slight_smile:


Welcome back!


Congratulations! I was in limbo for about 6 months as I would start reviewing, take a break, review again and repeating without ever getting below 400 reviews. Finally hearing others stories on here I pushed through and cleared out my reviews. It’s encouraging to hear about this from others.
I will say that there is no shame in resetting if you need to.


Looks like a reset to me :scream_cat:

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