I’m not sure if this is a bug or something

I don’t know if this is a bug or something but every time I put the answer for the word “enter” in hirigana when it tells me to, it says I’m wrong when well clearly am not

You’re probably typing にゆう (keystrokes niyuu) instead of にゅう (keystrokes nyuu). They aren’t the same thing.


にゅう would be typed as nyuu
にゆう typed as niyuu which is different

This webpage explains it little better


I wish wanikani reviewed hiragana and katakana with users before starting kanji.

They do cover it in the FAQ

This word gave me lots of grief back when I first started.
Actually, in the first level, there could be some exercises just to practice entering hiragana correctly.

I meant like the frist level or maybe a level zero taught you hiragana and katakana at a fast pace but still using the SRS system before teaching kanji.

Ideally it assumes this the user knows this is not from zero beginners resource but many people end up here without knowing the very basics.

Which isn’t bad because never too early to learn kanji but wish did cover basic grammar and hiragana before starting kanji.

I had spent few months studying genki before finding wanikani so was not a issue for me luckily

Frankly I don’t understand why people come here to learn kanji before they know hiragana. An optional level 0’s not a bad idea though.


I think I said this before but I hope the eto eto project they are working on will combine wanikani with grammar and listening practice.

There really is no good one resource to learn Japanese. Would love a site with SRS like wanikani that takes you from zero to around N1 in listening, reading and typing.

Maybe that’s in their plans someday idk.
Instead it’s always wanikani for kanji, bunpro and this other resource for grammar, also use genki and this other website for listening practice. Oh also use anki and memrise and this and that, don’t forget kaniwani and kamesame for recall.

Too many websites I think.


Tofugu may eventually offer all of these with the addition of EtoEto, but I have a feeling they will still be separate programs (perhaps with a bundle price option). That unfortunately won’t stop people from trying to learn kanji before knowing anything else about Japanese.


WK is pretty upfront about the prerequisites though:

Of course all this good advice only helps if people actually read the FAQ… maybe the “Level 0” should be quizzing the user on stuff from the FAQ :wink:


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