Question about the WK review IME

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I need to know how everyone types the small っ. Whenever I get a review with 三つ, I end up having to use the Google IME I have installed on my computer to type out みっつ. I remember reading another post that pointed out typing x[kana] would give the small version of the kana, but typing xtsu just gives me xつ. Am I just doing it wrong?

Hm… That’s really weird… Maybe you presse enter between x and つ?
You are supposed to type “xtu” as one word, then enter.

Also, for typing みっつ you just need to type mittu

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Double type the next consonant!

For example, みっつ = mittsu. (Or mittu, if you want to save time :wink: ).

Three days is mikka.

Or you can do xtsu any time, but doubling the consonant is faster.

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Oh, I just assumed that I had to type ‘tsu’. Never even considered ‘tu’. Thanks!

There should be a section on the WK IME in the Pleasant section’s wiki page, which you might want to check out. I only worked on the wiki for a short time before graduating to Painful but I don’t think they’d remove it.

I have absolutely no idea where the wiki is, and in fact was not aware WK even had a wiki. Can you link me to it?

I always type “mittsu” or “mikka”, and it gets the right word. みっつ みっか, as an example. Doubling a consonant (other than ‘n’) would result on creating a small tsu kana. So no need for just typing ‘tu’.

Sadly I can’t, since I don’t have access to the Pleasant section of the forums. It looks like a normal post, it might even be pinned. If you can’t find it just ask @alexbeldan

Wait. The forum has different sections? First I’ve heard of it. Maybe this weekend I should just like read up on everything relating to WK.

Yeah? Like Wanikani, Japanese Language, Campfire, and their respective subsections. The Pleasant section is part of Campfire.

This is the must-to-read guide on the Pleasants subforum for levels 1-10, check it when you have some freetime.

Guide for Pleasants

And this is the index of that specific hidden subforum for us, beginners:


About the different sections, check this screenshot as an example:


Yep, that first link has a lot of info when you’re just starting out. Thanks for getting on that @anon8320576

@alexbeldan cough Prison wall cough

I will I will.
I actually have 4 kanji sitting in lessons so I won’t level up. Have a couple things to do before I leave. So basically at any given time I’m 4 days away from level 11. I’ll join you soon, I promise.

I’ll let you know what I put @Kumirei.

I went straight to the bottom to give and answer without reading previous replies (I confess!) but I’m sure many told you that you simply have to write the consonant twice in you’re western keyboard and the っ or ッ is automatically added.

But in case you’re also wondering how to write it isolated because you want to write onomatopoeias or whatever you can write “small kana” just like that: x + [kana]. That means you press the key for the “x” in your keyboard and after that the kana you want to shrink. it doesn’t work for all kanas (obviously) but it might come in handy if you want to write ティ or えええぇぇぇ…

Why would you do that when there were already 14 answers to such a simple question?

I’m sorry! Because I was sure someone else replied. I just wanted to add the x + [kana] tip to write small kana. :stuck_out_tongue:

But that had already been said, as is to be expected.

I see now! I was only expecting for the double type. Sorry!

But was funny to see the え shrinking.

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