Rikaikun + Rikaigu Down?

EDIT: Updating Chrome will fix it. Both working on version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build).

Hey everyone,

Recently Google decided to shut down Chrome web store apps. I read online that they would keep support for extensions–however both Rikaikun and Rikaigu no longer work for me.

Is either one working for anyone else? This is a huge blow because I use the tool on a daily basis. If it is indeed dead (perhaps only for now) does anyone know of a good replacement?


Tested Rikaikun just now and it seems to work fine for me

Okay after seeing it working for you I decided to try a few more things and it turns out updating Chrome to the newest version worked for me.

For anyone having issues, update your Chrome! Mine is sitting at version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build).

That’s funny, I’m on 62.0.3202.92.

Interesting… Either I was really far out of date or just unlucky lol

Strangely enough it worked for me yesterday before updating so something was changed at some point.

Mind if I ask how you got that theme for what I assume is the WK forums?

:eyes: It’s the v2 I’m working on for my previous transparent theme

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