How to study enlightened items

Hi guys :slight_smile:
This Sunday I will get my first items to enlightened … And I was wondering how to best approach it… Shall I keep repeating them, or leave them completely be until they show up in the review again. So I can really test myself whether I actually remember them.

I would really like to know how others handle it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced


Do you use any other memorization programs?
I don’t use very many, but I hear that you can put things there to review. But I think it’s up to you. Wanikani generally assumes you can remember it by then, but most times, at least for me, that’s not the case, and it’s normal. If you want to test yourself, I think maybe something like that would work. (Although admittedly I don’t have as much experience with those kinds of programs as I’d like so if anyone has any ideas that would be great.)

No i don’t use any other programs. I would just use the self study quiz and create an enlightened category. And do that every now and then…

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That sounds good!
I use Quizlet sometimes. It’s free and doesn’t clog up with reviews.

You can do that. It’s your choice as to how you want to study.

I would advise against it though because you might be preventing regularly studied items from going into your long term memory.

The SRS presupposes that you don’t do additional kanji study and just see if you remember them when the reviews occur.

But, like I said it’s up to you how you want to study.


I would leave the Enlightened items be. This is the best way to test your long-term memory. Failing a burn review might feel sad at first, but it means you really didn’t remember the item long-term and you actually need that extra effort of again getting it to master and enlightened. If you do self-study, you’ll never get that test of your memory.


If you’re on a PC you can install user scripts. There is one script called “Self-study quiz” where you can use filters to only quiz you on specific items.


Self Study would work fine for your purpose.

  • you create a new preset with the new button in the items tab and call it enlightened.
  • you turn on the srs level filter and select enlightened.
  • you set the maximum quiz size to 20 or whatever the number is.

This last step will cause Self Study to pickup 20 random enlightened items and quiz you on them. Every session different random items will be picked.

I wouldn’t worry about long term memory. Scientific research has found that the more often you have seen an item the better the retention.

The key is not to study just before the review. I suggest you install the additional filters script and turn on the time until review filter. This will make sure items close to the review date won’t be quizzed on.


thanks that was very helpful :smiley: that was actually the kind of answer I was looking for :wink: whether it is actually cheating to review them again or not…

If you’re on a PC you can install user scripts.

Can’t speak for iOS, but I can speak for Android. If someone wants to install scripts in a mobile browser, the Kiwi browser on Android offers the ability to use add-ins, including Tamper Monkey. Which includes being able to add scripts to a mobile device browser.
The cramped phone screen can make some things, like the review script, a bit wonky to use, but otherwise all the scripts work exactly the same as expected.

And I second the Self Study Quiz. I recommend @anon70282159 to read up on how it is used, as it isn’t totally intuitive, but it is easy to figure out with some playing. And once you understand it, sorting reviews by their SRS level is something you can create a default quiz for. Works great!

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