Self Study of Passed Review Items

I have used the Self Study tool to great effect in the last year in Wanikani, mainly because it allows one to so conveniently process through items that one has failed. However, it doesn’t help with what i passed in a review (or at least i can’t figure out how to use it this way). It would be great if one could select to study passed items, too. Here’s my reasoning: There are many times when i just happen to guess right or an answer comes to me without my really having more than a vague recognition of the kanji involved. (Pairs of kanji sometimes help me recall the individual kanji through the help of the other kanji, for example.) Organizing a review of these passed items in the lists themselves is not always very efficient and i have found that doing massive reviews of, say, all Apprentice and/or Guru items just seems to me to bias the spaced repetition while being hugely inefficient, thereby defeating much of the point of spaced repetition. (I think i got too far along in Wanikani doing this kind of study in the first place, and so have a weaker memory of kanji than i would have had if i had just stuck rigorously with spaced repetition.) It seems to me that self study of passed items would be more efficient, structured and focused since it is exactly at the time of testing and is just being used to strengthen and reinforce one’s understanding of kanji and vocabulary before the next timed interval. Any thoughts on this in the community?

Edit: I worded that weird. Let me rephrase.

Well if it just comes to you, that is generally a good thing. And if you happen to guess it, I would say that if you really don’t remember it, then you’ll get it wrong next time. Likely, however, you guessed from something you knew subconsciously. It sounds like a much better situation to be in than not remembering at all. I would say you should invest in an SRS, and not get too upset if you get questions wrong. If you feel like you are having a lot of issues, then maybe study those specifically. It’s important to leave some space between your study sessions, like WK does, so remember to do that. If you feel like you can understand it, but it’s just hard, then that’s fine. You should try reading or watching something, and if you forget a reading or a kanji or a vocab word, then just look it up. This will strengthen those pathways. You understand it at a basic level, now it’s just strengthening those pathways with more exposure.

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