Extra Reviews?

Is there a way to review some stuff you already learned without having your actual review time being changed? Like maybe another app or extension that I can use to exercize what I know


I already tried it, but it piled up too many reviews and now I can’t keep up with it(800+), also, I want to do like casual reviews, random ones maybe, I don’t know


You can lock levels on KW.

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I second this. This is my absolute favorite addon now. <3 <3 Instant quizzing, it’s what I would’ve made for myself if it wasn’t made already.

I blogged about it last week.

I used to use KaniWani, but was never motivated enough. This allows me to quiz myself on exactly what I need and when. No more 800+ backlogs! Plus I wanted more ways to quiz myself.

With just a little extra work using Self Study Quiz Edition, those first few days, my accuracy has zoomed up to almost perfect now, maybe I will get perfect drills from now on, I only installed it a few weeks ago. And I can recall instantly as well.

@tiamo, I’m glad you’re finding the Self-Study/Quiz script useful! Your experiences sound pretty similar to mine, including increased accuracy after I started drilling new items.

I read your blog post, by the way: I actually missed quite a few more than 2 reviews. I’m guessing that legend stems from someone mentioning the two items on my wall-of-shame, which are kind of embarassing (currently ‘一’ and ‘光年’). I don’t know how I missed ‘一’ unless it was a typo, but I did miss ‘光年’ twice (1 reading, 1 meaning). But I always drilled after my mistakes so I wouldn’t repeat them, so all but ‘光年’ are 1-mistake items. Anyway, I’ve noticed that the wall-of-shame occasionally rotates some other items in place of ‘一’. It seems to randomly select items with the same number of mistakes.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re getting as much use out of the script as I did! :slight_smile:

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@tiamo When you drill at the start of a new level, do you drill all items or just the ones you’ve done lessons for or just items you get wrong on a review? My accuracy is around 95%, but I feel like it’s been dropping lately and I could probably benefit from some self study. But I don’t know how to use the script to review my “problem items” without reviewing a lot else and messing up the SRS for those items. And I also don’t know if there’s a way to specifically review all the “problem items” together.

If you or @rfindley have any suggestions that would be great.

To keep it simple, just study your items as much as you want while they’re still in Apprentice. After all, the SRS is already showing them to you frequently for the purpose of drilling them into you, so more study is good. You can also pre-study items that aren’t unlocked yet. I hear a lot of people are having success with that.

After the items reach Guru, it’s always safe to study them after they come up in review.

If you want to study more frequently than that, such as reviewing old levels on a rotating basis, I recommend you only do so if you plan to keep up with it. Sporadically reviewing old levels could possibly interfere with long SRS intervals like Enlightened and Burn, giving the SRS a false sense of whether you need to review an item more frequently or not.

Unfortunately, the script doesn’t offer a way to study just problem-items. I’ve looked at implementing something like that, but there are two problems: (1) It would take too much time away from the much-more-useful project I’m working on right now, and (2) after pondering it for a while, I suspect that randomly studying just your trouble items would be one of the few legitimately bad ways of interfering with the SRS. It’s best to study such items immediately after getting them wrong in a review set, and not randomly during the longer SRS intervals. Regular study is good, but items fall off the ‘problem item’ list, which means you wouldn’t be studying them regularly for very long.

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My accuracy rate for long hauls hovered at 94% before I had this Self Study, now it is 98-100%. I definitely don’t want to mess with the SRS, so the first week I see new items, I’m drilling them on my own until I can recall instantly and 100%. Then I want to leave things alone until I encounter them for real in WK, like rfindley, I’ll study them after a review if I need to.

Keep in mind that I’m still in Pleasant levels (1-10) and I only had the addon for a few weeks! :slight_smile: I did spend two entire weeks going through the first 8 levels as a review until I knew them all perfectly and instantly. Going forward I hope the initial reviews I’ll do in the first week will help so I don’t need to do that anymore.

Like rfindley said, you can’t pick the problem items out, but for those, I have my own methods to remember them. (Make my own personal mnemonic, practice writing them, seeing how they differ from similar ones…) Getting them wrong is actually helpful for me to work on never forgetting them again.

Thanks, Im using it a lot now. By the way, how long did you take to get to level 60?

@rfindley has a great Self Study userscript. Search that with his name.

Literally third post

Yes, I saw it right after my posting. Robin’s fast.

EDIT: I also didn’t realize how old this thread was at first. Thought I saw 11m (minutes) not 11h (hours). Tired sleepy brain.

According to the stats site, 1 year 3 months 23 days. Then about a year to burn everything, which is about 2x as long as normal because they added some new items just before I finished.

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