Possible to spread out reviews?

I realize that this may be a “stupid” question but the SRS system has been doing me dirty lately it seems.

I have no idea why, but it decides to dump tons of reviews on me around 7-8 am daily. Today I had 14 reviews at 7 and then almost 20 at 8…
Then for the rest of the day I get what feels like 1-2 reviews every few hours…
This isn’t working out too well as I wake up around 8 every day and start work at 8:15, so between lack of time and lack of brain power, I have been making a ton of stupid mistakes in my reviews.

I’m wondering if it’s somehow possible to space my reviews out more throughout the day? I feel like the answer is “not possible” but I figured I’d ask…




After the first two reviews of an item, they always come back a whole number of days after the last time you did them. If you always do your reviews at 8am because they’re available then, they’ll always come back again at 8am.

So basically, the way to space them out is to do it manually - do ten or twenty or whatever at a time, then ignore the rest until some other suitable hour, then do some more when that time comes.


I kind of wondered if that was a way around it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Also, if you haven’t used it before, there’s a clock icon on the lower-left corner when doing reviews. Clicking on that will cause the review session to complete after the next ten words. It’s useful to help space review sessions out a bit.


You can also just close the browser window whenever you’ve had enough. Basically does the same, though you might lose the progress on a card or two that are “half answered.”


Or just procastrinate long enough, that Wanikani basically says “timeout” and quit then :smiley:


if you haven’t yet, you might also check out this guide to wanikani, by jprspereira. in particular the bits about building a schedule and finding your own speed. understanding the inner workings of WK makes it easier to deal with ^^


Except for apprentice 1 and 2, the interval to the next stage is always “x days - 1 hour”, so the review times have a tendency to accumulate in the morning over time - if you always do all reviews as soon as they become available.

I mostly did the lessons in the morning, so apprentice 2 and 3 were reached in the late afternoon or evening, but over time this has now become a typical schedule for me (especially since there are have been no more new lessons):

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It’s probably better to use the “homeicon” to quit the session. Closing the browser will definitely loos the items you haven’t completed. I usually do this. If it’s more than 3 hours, WK resets what I entered but at that point I might as well redo it to make the most of the reviewing anyway.

@tomie98 just do as many reviews that you like. When you’ve had enough, wrap up the session and come back later to the rest of the items. Over time, if you do this, that will also shift when the reviews appear in the day. :eyes:

I’ll throw the system into vacation mode before bed so I can catch a break from time to time

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