How do you type Katakana? [Poll]

  • Katakana input method
  • Holding Shift
  • Caps Lock ON
  • Conversion shortcut

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I am on Mac, and for some reasons, holding shift doesn’t work for creating Katakana in both Mac IME and Google IME (I am using Hiragana input.) (I have just notice there is option in Settings, nvm.)

However, in WaniKani and Wanakana script for Anki, holding Shift works.

Still, it bugs me to have to release Shift just to type ー (Katakana-Hiragana Prolonged Sound Mark).

So, mostly, in real life, I use Keyboard shortcut conversion…

TIL there’s a setting for that…

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I set a custom hotkey to switch the ime to katakana input. By default(?) shift temporarily allows typing in roman characters, which I use frequently to bring up because I have the stupid habit of closing out the tab when I’m done, even if I’m in the middle of reading something.


Thanks for posting this! It’s good to find out that there’s a setting for it!

Mostly in the past I’ve been just typing whatever it is in hiragana and hoping that katakana is one of the listed words, but um… sometimes that doesn’t work too well and I’ve had to resort to typing single characters and finding the katakana one. Now I feel like an idiot, hey, thanks, this helps a bunch!

I don’t see any reason to purposefully type in Katakana when the conversion shortcut does it for me. I use the shift key to switch to English input, so I want that to stay where it is.

Are you asking about in WaniKani or in general?

Depends. Is it a single short word: IME conversion. Longer words or parts of sentences (e.g. my stupid long address) I use Katakana Input. To frustrate people, I switch to Half-Width Katakana input and write everything in that style. カッコイイゼ!!!

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I type the word in Hiragana and then press F7 to make it Katakana. Usually the Katakana version gets suggested by the IME after I’ve written the first few characters if it’s a common word, so I can just select it from the list.

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When I’m on PC, I just use Google Translate for typing Japanese, then paste it somewhere.

I use the 12-keys keyboard from Google Japanese Keyboard on mobile, and when I type in something, it gives options for kanji, hiragana and katakana.

I never actually had a Japanese keyboard installed into my PC, so I’m not sure what to do :upside_down_face:

But thanks for sharing these options :smile: I just knew these alternative ways

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