How to see Apprentice List?

How do I view a full list of just the words under Apprentice?
I feel like I keep making the same mistakes and want to review them more frequently.

Maybe im not sure how to navigate through the system, but the only way I can see them now is the wkstats page but they are dotted all over the place.

You can filter WKStats to only show you specific items at specific levels. Click the “Open Config” option and you will see this:

And now you can filter by item and SRS stage. And if you change the primary grouping to just Item Type, instead of Level, you’ll get all of each type of item as a singular block.


This doesn’t specifically answer the question but might help solve the problem (I had/have the same): I use the script “SRS reorder button”, and use it sometimes when I have neglected my reviews a little bit and thus forgot some older items I had already guru’ed. I don’t always use it but sometimes apprentice items really pile up due to laziness and then I sort by SRS to get them out of the way more quickly. I do this especially if I don’t have time to do all required reviews the same day. The main positive effect this has on me is a psychological one of not being showered in tons reviews every few hours. Just having less reviews coming in in a day allows me to retain the info much better I feel.

Ah, I missed that button. This is the solution I needed :star_struck:

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That sounds like a useful strategy to have around.
Can you help explain how do I get this script and how do i plug it?

Sure. It sounds like you don’t know how to use wanikani scripts in general. Explanation is found here: Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript
I personally use google chrome and Tampermonkey to run scripts.
(you might wanna check out the many amazing scripts out there that make your life a hundred times easier)

For reordering, I use this one here: WaniKani SRS Reorder Button
Though I saw there is now a modified newer version of this script here: [Userscript] Reorder Buttons (I might check that out actually)


You can get all vocab items on the dashboard with the Dashboard Apprentice script as well


Thank you for the encouragement and step by step!
I now managed to install my first userscript :relaxed:

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